6 Wedding Trends You Are About To See Everywhere

Wedding Insights From Our Guest Writer, Neil Lane

By Neil Lane

Neil Lane Papercut Art Deco Metallic Papercut Gold Ketubah Designs

Throughout my life, I have witnessed and participated in some of the most beautiful and unique weddings. They are a continuous source of inspiration for my designs, and I am perpetually amazed by each couple’s love and creativity in making the special day all their own. Here, I am very excited to share my favorite wedding trends of the year and hope they will inspire you as you plan your special day.

This year’s wedding trends are all about personalization. Couples are opting for individualized touches to make their special day truly their own. For example, take a look at my Ketubah designs in collaboration with Ketubah.com where each is made uniquely for the couple ordering them. They come in a variety of colors and sizes while also giving couples the option to write their own text, allowing for a truly personalized experience. From a trend perspective, neutrals continue to be a popular color scheme, emphasizing natural, organic materials and textures. Intimate settings are also on the rise, with couples choosing to celebrate with their closest loved ones more meaningfully. Overall, wedding experiences are authentically reflecting each couple’s personalities and values more than ever before, creating lasting memories that will be cherished for years to come.

Neil Lane Papercut Art Deco Metallic Papercut Gold Ketubah Designs

Custom Engagement Rings

I would be remiss if I didn’t start with the latest engagement ring trends. Custom engagement rings continue to climb the charts. Couples are more often designing their own rings in partnership with their jeweler to impart a personal touch that reflects their individual relationship and style. Over the years, I’ve handpicked hundreds of engagement rings, but there’s nothing quite as special as collaborating with a couple to design something they and their families will cherish forever.

Gemstone Engagement Rings

Another trend we’re seeing implemented more and more in engagement rings is the use of gemstones. As an artist, I love big and bold colors; I have always been fascinated by the opulence. A ruby is one of my favorite gemstones to see in engagement rings. The luscious red has always symbolized love and fidelity to me and is often revered in poetry as eternity. One of the most rare and valuable gemstones was highly prized by European royalty and even Hollywood royalty. Elizabeth Taylor owned an important suite of ruby jewelry. I absolutely love the concept of a ruby engagement ring. It’s so personal and symbolizes passion and romance. It’s also the birthstone for July – the Cancer sign that’s full of emotion and heart. I love that rubies are known to be the true symbol of love, commitment, and passion.

Micro Weddings

Couples have discovered a little secret… the less guests, the less stress! More than ever, couples are yearning for a sense of uniqueness and intimacy instead of a more generic and large-scale celebration. Keeping the party to a close-knit group of friends and family allows for a more meaningful (and sometimes more extravagant) experience. Along with smaller ceremonies, I expect to see more couples eloping or opting for destination weddings.

Floral Arrangements

In 2023, floral trends will shift towards petite, more effortless bouquets and wildflowers. Flower power baby! This bouquet trend is whimsical, elegant and versatile, lending well to all seasons and settings. Simplicity is key as a couple of flowers and a long, white bow tied around the stems can create a dreamy floral arrangement!

Neutral Colors

I’ve noticed that couples are embracing natural and serene color palettes. From wedding decor to bridal party attire, many couples are leaving bright hues in the past and incorporating warm tones like rust and burnt sienna. Earthy hues have a way of grounding the day, creating a celebration where the couple’s love can truly take root.

Unique Wedding Party Attire

Last, but not least, let’s turn our attention to the people who make it all come together. Just as individuality is paramount for today’s modern couples, it is also essential for the bridal party. Gone are the days of matching princesses and penguins all in a row. I’ve been seeing more couples share mood boards or inspirational color palettes with their bridal parties, giving them the freedom to create their own looks. Having a bridal party that looks and feels their best makes the celebration even better.