Noam Shargorodsky

Jerusalem-born Noam Shargorodsky is passionate about art, and she is passionate about Judaism – and she loves sharing these two central aspects of her life in a way that brings new beauty to the world. Noam draws inspiration for her artwork from authentic Jewish texts and Israeli landscapes. She particularly enjoys incorporating scenes of Jerusalem – especially the Old City of Jerusalem and the Western Wall, which has been the epicenter of Jewish prayers, hopes, and dreams for thousands of years. When she is not busy designing and painting Ketubah artwork, Noam and her husband Shaul are busy with their own family – raising their two daughters, Ruth and Elisheva, in their Jerusalem home
Noam’s art involves using oils, watercolors, and 23k genuine gold leaf techniques to produce a museum-quality piece that is both modern and traditional – a creative reformulation of ancient themes. Many couples and families from a wide range of religious and cultural backgrounds love the significance of having a beautiful Jewish Ketubah on
the wall.