Discover The Beauty Of Hebrew Names With

Our team at is constantly innovating and working to make your wedding experience easier. Over the years, many of the questions we get asked most often revolves around Hebrew names. For some, this can be taken for granted: a name given to you at birth that you use daily, or only occasionally. For others, it’s a memory in the back of their mind, unsure if it’s this name or another name that sounds sort of similar. And for others still, a Hebrew name is something more theoretical: they never received one growing up, and never needed to use it before now.

We want to help, regardless of where you fall within that spectrum, which is why we created Hebrew Namer is here to help you discover the perfect Hebrew name, and learn about the history of many names throughout Jewish culture.  As part of our launch, we wanted to showcase just a bit of what we have in store.

Choosing a Name: A Personalized Experience

Whether you’re a parent seeking a meaningful name for your newborn or an individual looking to embrace a Hebrew identity, this is your portal to a world of possibilities. We feature thousands of names, offering a glimpse into their profound meanings and historical origins, and have provided the tools for you to search for a name or browse through different popular and meaningful options. Explore the rich tapestry of Jewish tradition and discover meanings you’d never considered!

When deciding on a baby’s name, many couples want their Hebrew name to match their English name by sharing a common sound. If you’ve already picked out your little one’s English name, then you can browse alphabetically to find similar sounding names and narrow your search by choosing the names that mean the most to you.

Many traditional Jewish names explore similar themes and virtues, so we’ve organized our list to help you find similar ones. Our categories will help you find names with similar meanings and ideas, so if you see a name that isn’t quite right for you, you’ll know that the perfect name is just a click away. Choose from popular names to Biblical ones to find a diverse array of names. We also feature more modern Israeli names and many unique options you might not be familiar with. Creating this project has been a beautiful experience for us, and we’ve learned so much about the unique tapestry of names that make up this diverse community. We’re so excited to share it with you!

More Than Just Names

Hebrew Namer goes beyond a mere name directory. While it can be used to learn more about your name, it also serves as a window into the greater Jewish community, unveiling worlds of possibility and wonder, showing you the rich tapestry of Jewish tradition. With its user-friendly interface and a commitment to preserving cultural heritage, this website transcends the conventional name-finding experience. It invites you to embark on a journey where each name tells a story, and the exploration of meanings becomes a celebration of identity. Embrace the beauty of Hebrew names with!

See What Comes Next…              

If you’re interested in learning what we’ve got in store, check out our Sneak Peek and take our brief survey to help shape the future of Hebrew Namer!

Who Makes Your Ketubah?

A behind-the-scenes look at our process

By Ari

Love Papercut Luxe
Love Papercut Luxe by Enya Keshet

There’s a lot of planning and work that goes into planning your wedding. We get it, and have you covered too. But one of the questions that we get asked pretty often is “who makes the Ketubah?” The short answer is: we do! We understand that your Ketubah holds immense significance, representing your love and the promise of devotion. We put just as much thought and care into each Ketubah we make, and want to take you behind the scenes and tell you about what happens on our end to bring your personalized Ketubah to life. We’re with you every step of the way, so let’s go through it together!

So many designs!

For over 20 years, we’ve worked with the most talented artists to create the largest collection of Ketubah artwork online. Each limited edition print is available in a variety of colors, sizes, and print stocks. Our production team collaborates with the artists to craft unique designs that we know you’ll love and find the best way for our team to recreate them. All you need to do is find one that you like best!

It’s Yours!

Your Ketubah is an expression of your love and commitment, so we want to make sure that it says so! We’ve detailed how personalization looks on your end, but there are still a few steps to take before we can make your Ketubah. Once your personalized details come through to us, our Custom Service team reviews all of the details to make sure that we’ve got everything we need. Sometimes we’ll spot things like an unconventional spelling, or a name that needs to be added in Hebrew, so we always review the details and get in touch with you directly if we’ve got any questions. We’ll only start working on a proof for you to review when we’re sure that everything is perfect.

 Attention To Detail

While our team has created thousands of Ketubahs, each one is unique. We’ll prepare your text on whichever design you’ve chosen, and include your unique details to make it truly yours. Our production artists craft the wording to fit your design, going over all of the specific details and special requests that sets your Ketubah apart from the rest.

The Finishing Touch

Time for the fun part – making your Ketubah! Once you’ve had a chance to make sure the text is perfect, our production team will move straight away to make the Ketubah of your dreams. Each ketubah is meticulously crafted using premium materials, from fine art paper to archival inks. Our skilled artisans combine traditional techniques with modern printing technologies to create a Ketubah that is as durable as it is beautiful. Our Luxe Collection includes gold and crystal detailing, applied by hand by our production team to give your Ketubah the care it deserves. From that point, all that’s left is for you to sign it!

At, we understand the significance of the ketubah in your wedding ceremony. From start to finish, our dedicated team of designers, customer service, and production artists pour their heart and soul into creating a Ketubah that encapsulates your love story. We take pride in our collaborative process, ensuring that your personalized Ketubah is a work of art that reflects your unique journey. Trust us to bring your vision to life and create a cherished keepsake that will be treasured for years to come. Place your order with today and let us be a part of your special day.

6 Wedding Trends You Are About To See Everywhere

Wedding Insights From Our Guest Writer, Neil Lane

By Neil Lane

Neil Lane Papercut Art Deco Metallic Papercut Gold Ketubah Designs

Throughout my life, I have witnessed and participated in some of the most beautiful and unique weddings. They are a continuous source of inspiration for my designs, and I am perpetually amazed by each couple’s love and creativity in making the special day all their own. Here, I am very excited to share my favorite wedding trends of the year and hope they will inspire you as you plan your special day.

This year’s wedding trends are all about personalization. Couples are opting for individualized touches to make their special day truly their own. For example, take a look at my Ketubah designs in collaboration with where each is made uniquely for the couple ordering them. They come in a variety of colors and sizes while also giving couples the option to write their own text, allowing for a truly personalized experience. From a trend perspective, neutrals continue to be a popular color scheme, emphasizing natural, organic materials and textures. Intimate settings are also on the rise, with couples choosing to celebrate with their closest loved ones more meaningfully. Overall, wedding experiences are authentically reflecting each couple’s personalities and values more than ever before, creating lasting memories that will be cherished for years to come.

Neil Lane Papercut Art Deco Metallic Papercut Gold Ketubah Designs

Custom Engagement Rings

I would be remiss if I didn’t start with the latest engagement ring trends. Custom engagement rings continue to climb the charts. Couples are more often designing their own rings in partnership with their jeweler to impart a personal touch that reflects their individual relationship and style. Over the years, I’ve handpicked hundreds of engagement rings, but there’s nothing quite as special as collaborating with a couple to design something they and their families will cherish forever.

Gemstone Engagement Rings

Another trend we’re seeing implemented more and more in engagement rings is the use of gemstones. As an artist, I love big and bold colors; I have always been fascinated by the opulence. A ruby is one of my favorite gemstones to see in engagement rings. The luscious red has always symbolized love and fidelity to me and is often revered in poetry as eternity. One of the most rare and valuable gemstones was highly prized by European royalty and even Hollywood royalty. Elizabeth Taylor owned an important suite of ruby jewelry. I absolutely love the concept of a ruby engagement ring. It’s so personal and symbolizes passion and romance. It’s also the birthstone for July – the Cancer sign that’s full of emotion and heart. I love that rubies are known to be the true symbol of love, commitment, and passion.

Micro Weddings

Couples have discovered a little secret… the less guests, the less stress! More than ever, couples are yearning for a sense of uniqueness and intimacy instead of a more generic and large-scale celebration. Keeping the party to a close-knit group of friends and family allows for a more meaningful (and sometimes more extravagant) experience. Along with smaller ceremonies, I expect to see more couples eloping or opting for destination weddings.

Floral Arrangements

In 2023, floral trends will shift towards petite, more effortless bouquets and wildflowers. Flower power baby! This bouquet trend is whimsical, elegant and versatile, lending well to all seasons and settings. Simplicity is key as a couple of flowers and a long, white bow tied around the stems can create a dreamy floral arrangement!

Neutral Colors

I’ve noticed that couples are embracing natural and serene color palettes. From wedding decor to bridal party attire, many couples are leaving bright hues in the past and incorporating warm tones like rust and burnt sienna. Earthy hues have a way of grounding the day, creating a celebration where the couple’s love can truly take root.

Unique Wedding Party Attire

Last, but not least, let’s turn our attention to the people who make it all come together. Just as individuality is paramount for today’s modern couples, it is also essential for the bridal party. Gone are the days of matching princesses and penguins all in a row. I’ve been seeing more couples share mood boards or inspirational color palettes with their bridal parties, giving them the freedom to create their own looks. Having a bridal party that looks and feels their best makes the celebration even better.

Your Love Story: Our Contest Winner!

Last month, we asked you to share your love stories with us, and oh boy, did you deliver! We received TONS of submissions from you with all sorts of love stories, from highschool sweethearts to missed connections, found again. Our team read (and watched!) your submissions, and wanted to share some of our favorites with you. Here are our some of our runners-up, and our contest winner from last month!

Ari & Andrew

Ari, who currently lives in Baltimore, was visiting her mom in Estero, Florida, in September 2021. Her mom and dad had purchased a winter home in this new development in 2020 during Covid, but her mom had just been spending more time there in 2021. Her mom had just started playing pickleball and had really gotten into the sport! Ari’s mom and her pickleball friends were going to a comedy show when Ari was visiting in September and so Ari tagged along. When Ari showed up, Andrew’s mom ran up to Ari and said, “How old are you? are you single? you have to meet my son!” Andrew’s mom then set up a meeting between Ari and Andrew the next day. Andrew was living in Fort Myers, Fl at the time and Ari was living in Baltimore. Ari and Andrew exchanged numbers but Ari didn’t think much would come of it, they were thousands of miles apart! But then Ari spent the holidays in Florida in December and got to know Andrew better and it’s like they say, the rest was history. They spent every day together for the week she was there. They started officially dating Jan 4th 2022, got engaged March 12th 2022, and wedding is July 2023! Ari will be moving to Florida when she graduates residency in July 2023!

Inbar & Ruben

Our love story is quite the modern one… Boy creates a profile in a last ditch effort, girl swipes right… and the rest is history!
Ruben was trying to convince a friend of his to create on online profile in order to find a mate. This was in deep pandemic times, so a meet-cute at the local bar was not exactly an option. In order to show his friend it was not so scary, Ruben created a profile for himself as well, filled with pictures of his travels. The same day, Inbar saw Ruben’s selfie at the Bahai Gardens in Haifa, and commented saying, “that’s my hometown!”. The pair quickly decided to meet in person, as safely as possible, and met for the first time 3 days later. The conversation flowed so well, that Inbar even decided to break her “happy hour only” rule and stayed to have dinner with Ruben. Before he leaned in for the first kiss, Ruben (always the physician) made sure to state that he tested negative for COVID- safety first!!
It was truly such a perfect match. We got close very quickly, and decided to take the leap and move in together after only a few months. Ruben knew right away… He soon told his mother in Peru that she MUST travel to come meet Inbar in person so that he can ask for her hand- you can bet his Mom bought that ticket right away. Little to my (Inbar) knowledge, she traveled with the engagement ring to give to Ruben.
A few months later, we took a trip to Hawaii together, and Ruben got on one knee to pop the question. I cried and cried, and somehow managed to blubber the answer YES!! It was the most beautiful and magical moment, I didn’t even notice all the tourists cheering us in the background. I’m tearing up just remembering it!
We can’t wait to meet each other under the chuppah.

And the winner is…

Emily & Sean

My name is Emily Braverman, and I’ve been married to my amazing husband Sean since August 8, 2021. Here is our story.

My husband and I met in April of 2014 as we sat across from each other at a Shabbat dinner. It was his college’s Chabad, and I had recently moved home from college away. As chance would have it, we sat across from each other (although my husband claims I sat down near him because I thought he was cute). Throughout the entire night, we talked, smiled, and exchanged information. We would go on to date for about 6 months before breaking up. The timing wasn’t right, and schedules clashed. However, we later learned that neither of us felt that it was the end. There was still a pull towards each other.

In July of 2018, nearly four years after we had initially met, Sean reached out through a dating app. While I was apprehensive, I couldn’t help but wonder. After encouragement from my best friend, I called him on the phone. That conversation lasted over an hour. We made plans to see each other, and we have continued to make plans ever since.

October 1, 2020, Sean proposed in the living room of our apartment. He had created an Alexa skill, which was supposed to sort me into a Hogwarts house from Harry Potter. Instead, it sorted me into the Braverman House.

Excited and eager to marry my besheret, I called every vendor, found my dress, and planned our wedding in about a month and a half.

On the day of our wedding, I was calm. I knew that I was about to be whole. I was about to marry the love of my life, my other half. We stood blissfully under the chuppah, surrounded by our families, friends, and rabbis that were so special to us.

It’s true what they say – you should marry your best friend. I know for sure that I married mine.

Congratulations to all of our entrants! It was truly incredible to read all of your heartwarming stories. We can’t wait to see what the future has in store for you!

Spanish Citizenship And Your Ketubah

Modena, Italy, 1785 Ketubah Jewish Wedding by The Jewish Museum
Modena, Italy, 1785

Ketubahs are binding according to Halacha, Jewish law, but don’t often hold much weight legally. Sephardic Jews have a long and rich history in Spain, dating back to the Roman Empire. However, after the Spanish Inquisition in 1492, many Sephardic Jews were forced to flee the country. Despite this, many Sephardic communities still preserve their heritage, including their language, customs, and traditions. This self-preservation has seen the Sephardic community thrive, and due to a recent law, has helped many Jews prove their Spanish heritage.

Reggio Emilia, Italy, 1840 Ketubah For Sale by The National Library Of Israel
Reggio Emilia, Italy, 1840

In recent years, the Spanish government has recognized the significance of the Ketubah as evidence of Sephardic ancestry and has established a process for Sephardic descendants to apply for Spanish citizenship. To be eligible, an individual must provide proof of Sephardic ancestry, including documentation of their family history and a certificate of competence in the Spanish language. However, for many Sephardic descendants, the most valuable piece of evidence is the Ketubah itself. The Spanish government recognizes the Ketubah as an official document that provides evidence of the couple’s Jewish faith and their connection to the Sephardic community. In many cases, the Ketubah also includes information about the couple’s parents, grandparents, and even great-grandparents, providing a rich and detailed record of the family’s heritage.

Isfahan, Persia, 1818 Ketubah Toronto by The Jewish Museum
Isfahan, Persia, 1818

While this window for obtaining Spanish citizenship only lasted a few years, it’s incredible in modern times to see a country take steps to legitimize a religious document. Acknowledging the historical and legal significance of the Ketubah as a tangible symbol of the couple’s connection to their cultural heritage and the Spanish community is a good step towards righting historical wrongs.

Source: The rite of Castilla in the marriage contract of the Sephardim originating from Spain

Tell Us How You Met and Win Our Contest!

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and love is in the air! We wanted to take a moment to celebrate your love by learning all about your story.

Whether it was love at first sight, a chance encounter, or long-distance romance, we want to hear all the details! That’s why we’re having a contest! We’ll read through your submissions and pick out our favorites to feature in next month’s blog post (right in time for Valentine’s Day).

The winner will receive $250 toward their Ketubah purchase or a $250 Amazon Gift Card.

To enter, simply submit an email with your name, contact information, and a brief summary of your “How We Met” story. Please include 2-3 cute photos of your dating/engagement adventure! All submissions must be received by January 31, 2023 to be eligible.

Click the link below or email us at We can’t wait to read all your heartwarming stories!

Sincerely, Bracha

Favorite Holiday Traditions From!

Bringing you some fun holiday ideas, from our family to yours.

By Ari Cohen

With the stresses of everyday life, it’s nice to come home to your family and friends and slip into the comfortable traditions that make the holidays such a wonderful time. The holidays are a time of reflection and tradition, and it’s often sharing these traditions with family that make for the most special and memorable occasions. That’s why our team at wants to share our family traditions with you, and hear from you about yours! Here are a few words from our team about our favorite holiday traditions.

Nava, Production Coordinator

To celebrate Chanukah, Nava’s family hosts a big family potluck with all of the in-town relatives. Each member of her family lights their own Menorah.

Some people like to get there Sufganiyot (jelly-filled donuts) fix as soon as it’s socially acceptable, but Nava’s family waits for the reviews to come in first, so they can scope out the best bakery in town and get a bunch of different falvours to try. Between that and Latkes, they cover all of the big holiday traditions in their own unique way to make each year a memorable one.

Nancy, Production and Shipping

Nancy’s family celebrates the holiday with some popular Chilean Christmas dishes. Pan de Pascua is a bold and nutty rum-spiced fruit cake, which pairs perfectly with Cola de Mono, a rich and creamy holiday beverage with cloves, cinnamon, nutmeg, and rum. Basically, all the good stuff. You can find the Pan de Pascua recipe here, and the Cola de Mono recipe here. I know I’ll definitely be giving both a try!

Tani, Director of Operations

What better way to celebrate Chanukah than with dancing? After lighting the candles, Tani’s family has a dance party – talk about eight crazy nights!

Bracha, Social Media Manager

Every year, on the 5th night of Chanukah , Bracha’s family has a tradition to host a big party for all of their family and friends. Instead of getting gifts throughout Chanukah, they open their presents on the fifth night. Homemade Potato latkes are the best, so they all help out with making them and enjoy putting delicious toppings on them. Bringing everyone together brings a feeling of warmth and coziness throughout the holidays.

Aliza, Production Artist

One of Aliza’s favourite holiday traditions is her family’s Annual Donut Taste Test. Every Chanukah, they visit many of the local bakeries and choose a few of their new and unique flavors. They bake some of our own donuts, too, and after lighting the Menorah, they turn on some music and taste their donuts! Each family member rates and reviews the donuts and the bakeries and then vote on the winner. After the taste testing, they can’t look at any more donuts for a long time, but it’s worthwhile- as they always have a ton of fun!

Romina, Production and Shipping

Traditionally, Argentineans get together with their family and friends on Christmas. They take part in the rituals, sing carols and carry out religious services. Christmas dinner is served and normally includes a grilled meat dish called ‘Parrillada Argentina’. Romina’s family will decorate the Christmas tree with flowers, lace, balls and candles. It’s also traditional to visit friends and relatives, and carry on the festivities until Three Kings day on January 6, the last day of the Christmas season.

Carmit, Cross-Functional Growth Specialist

Carmit’s Hebrew birthday falls on the fifth night of Chanukah , and her wedding anniversary is not far behind, followed by her kids’ birthdays early in January. So usually Chanukah is the gateway to celebrations, cooking, baking and gifts… in other words a whole month of chaos! They enjoy the usual activities of making Sufganiyot (which are a huge success), latkes (which are a huge disaster), arranging the colours of the candles for the next night (only to discover they needed the broken ones for the new pattern), listening to Chanukah  parody songs and playing games with the family.

Ari, Cross-Functional Growth Expert

For the past several years, Ari’s family has had a holiday gift-exchange. They’ll plan it out a month in advance and draw names for everyone’s “secret Maccabee” and think of exciting ways to wrap and give the presents. They get together with everyone and watch as they open the gifts, and once everyone’s gone, take turns trying to figure out who gave who which gift. Sometimes, people will include tricky poems explaining why they got them that gift, which is a great way of adding personality and creativity to the event! But apart from the fun of giving, receiving, and the subsequent guessing, the best part is how the tradition has grown from year to year. It started as just his immediate family, but quickly expanded to include the extended family and significant others. Sharing this tradition with others helps it feel even more special!

No matter what you celebrate, this is a great time of year to come together with family and friends, wrapped in the warmth of holiday traditions. What are some of your favorites? Get in touch with us on Instagram and share some of your favorite holiday traditions!

Introducing Our Luxe Wood Collection

Our most intricate and unique collection to date!

By Ari Cohen

Our team at is constantly searching for ways to make Ketubahs that are unique to you. Your wedding is the blossoming start of a new chapter in your lives, but it’s also the continuation of something ancient, an extension of nature. Your love is more than the uncertainty of new first date: it’s the beauty of a timeless romance. With our newest Ketubah collection, we’ve brought you exclusive new designs befitting that connection.

Our Luxe Wood Ketubahs are the most imaginative and unique designs we have created to date. Using water-based staining and layered pieces of Birch wood, these designs all have a unique, ancient, tactile property which sets them apart from any of the hundreds of other Ketubahs you may find, while made from sustainable materials. The result is a collection of beautiful Ketubahs with a timeless look and feel.

Mandala – Luxe Wood

Mandala – Luxe Wood Ketubah

The Mandala is an idealized geometric shape, featuring complex patterns which appear simple at a glance. While love can spring forth from small things, it is the deeper connections that keep your union unique. It symbolizes a spiritual journey, beginning outside and working its way into the center.

Star Of David – Luxe Wood

Star of David – Luxe Wood Ketubah

The eternal protective symbolism of Judaism, the Star of David is an ancient symbol of the Jewish people. Immortalized in multi-layered, gorgeously stained wood, this ancient icon acts as a blessing of protection over you and your new home with your beloved.

Sunflower – Luxe Wood

Sunflower – Luxe Wood Ketubah

Intricately crafted with a connected honeycomb pattern, this design is inspired by nature. The blossoming sunflower is representative of your blossoming union, while honeycombs are symbolic of harmony in nature across many cultures. This design features five layered pieces, putting it literally a cut above the rest of our designs.

These designs are all currently available for pre-order, after which we’ll be able to produce and distribute them as soon as they’re ready. Order yours today to get the perfect fall/winter Ketubah!

Succot – the Festival of Gathering

All about the other other Autumn Jewish Holiday

This time of the year can be pretty hectic with back-to-school, wedding planning, and a bunch of Jewish holidays all packed into a short timeframe. There are so many Jewish holidays in late summer/early autumn that one of them often gets overlooked, if not completely forgotten: Succot.
Often overshadowed by its flashy predecessors, Succot commemorates the time spent travelling through the desert, with G-d’s protection covering the Jewish people. It’s easy to lose this holiday in the fold of all the others happening this time of year, so we wanted to show you some of the interesting traditions surrounding this holiday, and maybe you’ll take some of them on! This year, Succot runs from October 10 – October 18, so we wanted to make sure that you saw this with plenty of time to prepare!

The Succah

After the exodus from Egypt, the Torah tells the story of the Jewish people’s journey to the land of Israel. While travelling through the desert, they were lead by a column of flame during the night, and enveloped by a cloud when travelling during the day (Exodus 13:21). During that time, the Jewish people would build temporary huts to live in, which could be disassembled when travel resumed. Today, as columns of flame and cloud are hard to come by, we commemorate and honor this protection by building a Succah: a temporary dwelling, often made of natural materials (like wood, bamboo, leaves) to connect us to that temporary, transitory time in our people’s history. Most people build them in their backyards, or on their balconies, allowing you to gaze up at the sky through the natural canopy. Glamping anyone?

The Four Species

One of the most iconic elements of the holiday is the inclusion of the Lulav and Etrog as part of the holiday services. Accompanying them are branches from the myrtle and willow trees. The significance of these items is often debated, but it’s widely accepted that they represent various parts of the human body: the lulav represents the spine, etrog the heart, myrtle depicts the eyes, while willow portrays the mouth. This body, made up of nature, furthers our connection to the natural surroundings of the Succah. It is a common practice to pray in the Succah, often while holding the four species together.

The Foods of Chag Ha’Asif

Jewish holidays are often remembered for their food. Pesach has Matzah, Channukah has Latkas, and Rosh Hashana has apples dipped in honey. By contrast, Succot doesn’t really have any of that. The food of this holiday is less of a specific dish and more of a general guideline. One of the other names for this holiday is Chag Ha’Asif, the festival of gathering crops. It’s traditional to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, like those gathered in the land of Israel. People will often decorate their succahs with images of the Lulav and Etrog, but also with images of pomegranates, fresh dates, and honey. While there isn’t a specific requirement to eat these, they have become common staples of the holiday. A fruit and nut charcuterie board would be perfect for the occasion!

A Time To Celebrate

After the frantic rush that often makes up the Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur holidays, it may seem like the last thing you’d want is yet another holiday. But in some ways, Succot is the perfect counterpoint to that. We spend so much time preparing for the high-holidays and stressing out about them that we just want to relax and breathe a bit. That’s where Succot comes in. It’s the holiday at the end of the holidays that say “relax.” While there’s still plenty to do and prepare for during the holiday, you can take solace in knowing that its’ the last one, for a while, so take a moment to sit in your Succah, enjoy the cool fall breeze, and enjoy the time with your loved ones.

Finding Inspiration For Your Wedding: Our Exclusive Sit-Down With Neil Lane

The wedding aficionado and ring designer for ABC’s The Bachelor franchise gives his insight on finding beauty all around

By Neil Lane

Neil Lane Papercut Art Deco Metallic Papercut Gold Ketubah Designs

Inspiration is ephemeral: gossamer, fleeting, it comes to mind like a flash of brilliance but can leave just as quick. But if you’re fast enough, or talented enough, you can grab hold of it and harness it into something beautiful.

Neil Lane is a celebrated designer, collector, curator, and bridal authority. With an eye for style and elegance, Lane is an avid collector of rare jewels, sculptures and fine art. He is the official ring designer for ABC’s The Bachelor franchise, and his signature couture designs have appeared on some of the world’s most glamorous celebrities and red carpets. As an expert on all things wedding-related, we wanted to hear his thoughts on how inspiration comes to him, and how you can move from inspiration to action when designing your own wedding.

Rose Papercut by Enya Keshet

My whole life is about collecting. I wouldn’t have been able to become a designer if I didn’t have my collection to inspire me. Ever since I was a little kid I was collecting things… even things without value such as pebbles and bits and pieces of glass. This evolved to collections of art, antiques and the awareness that certain older objects are highly valuable. I had an eye for special pieces, it came naturally to me. Currently my house is filled with unique art including paintings and wall murals and most Saturdays I’ll invite people over to mingle and talk about art, new ideas and where they draw inspiration from. Whether it be others in the art industry, entertainers, or friends, I hope everyone finds inspiration in the things I’ve collected.

Four Seasons by Jessica Kraft

Weddings can be viewed as a compilation of items that represent your love. From the flowers, rings, dress, decor, ketubah and the venue, your wedding should be filled with items that inspire you to love and celebrate love. I think inspiration comes from everywhere. My inspiration has come from all my experiences throughout my life and continues to grow and expand just as I do. Whether I am wandering through museums for desired color palettes, flipping through home design books for ideas about fabrics, walking through my gardens or simply sitting in a beautiful restaurant, inspiration is all around. 

Verve Papercut by Ruth Becker

As a child I was inspired by the shining glitter of the glass on the floor in the street, the forms of trees & their shadows and cars moving in action. It is important to take note of such items, big and small, that conjure creativity. These memories and the emotions they evoke, will help to develop ideas that you would want to reflect on your wedding day. 

Neil Lane Papercut Art Deco Metallic Papercut Gold Ketubah Designs
Art Deco Metallic Papercut, by Neil Lane

The wedding planning process, similar to the art process, is both emotional and creative. I’m always looking for that emotional aspect when creating art such as my Ketubah designs. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, therefore not everyone may see your exact vision. You may see something one way while another person sees the same item completely differently, but that’s the beauty of art- it’s magnanimous. Anyone can look at it and walk away with a whole different feeling.

Neil Lane Gold & Silver Hibiscus Bloom Gold Leaf Gold Ketubah Online
From left to right: Art Deco Metallic Papercut, Hibiscus Bloom – Gold Leaf, and Elegant Birds Papercut, art by Neil Lane

Many wedding trends have emerged following the pandemic. People want to celebrate so they’re doing everything and anything! The Covid-19 pandemic taught people that they can celebrate no matter their budget. If they can splurge, they’re going to splurge! If they can’t, they’re still going to make something wonderful and unique. Whether it be a destination wedding, backyard wedding, or even a zoom wedding, anything and everything goes today. No matter what you choose, dig deep for inspiration and make sure your wedding day is a reflection of the things you love. 

Wedding Colour Themes

And Finding the Perfect Ketubah to show your true colours

By Ari Cohen

Planning your wedding means making a lot of big decisions about your big day. From the guest list to the menu to the playlist, there’s so much to do and so many different ways to make it memorable. But one of the most obvious ways of tying the whole event together is with themed wedding colors. Bridesmaids dresses, flowers, and place settings can all be easily tied in with whatever color-scheme you choose, if you want to get creative. We’ve done the meticulous Pinteresting for you, and have put together a list of some creative color options to help you plan your wedding. We’ve also paired each with a Ketubah to help you bring your wedding theme home with you, long after the ceremony has ended.


What a beautiful colour pairing! Adding in the pop of navy blue really gives this pink-toned palette the standing ovation it deserves. This classic colour combination is great for bridesmaids dresses and floral arrangements. Here are a few ideas for how you can implement this at your wedding.

Love Papercut Luxe Ketubah Store by Enya Keshet
Love Papercut Luxe – By Enya Keshet

Pair this with the Love Papercut Luxe Ketubah to showcase the champagne pinks and deep blue hues.


If you want to be THAT girl at your wedding, then this is the palette combination for you. It’s elegant,
chic, beautiful and just has it all together. Understated, yet elegant. The simple elegance of the silver is the perfect accent for any shade of blue. Like gossamer thin ice, these colours may seem simple at first, but can form intricate patterns to add depth and complexity to your centerpieces, flowers, and other wedding décor.

Layers Of Us – Metallic – By Shell Rummel

Check out our Layers of Us Blue – Metallic Ketubah with the Silver option, for an inspired interpretation of this theme.


For the brides who love the extra bling at the wedding, this ones for you. It’s classy, bougie and adds just
the pop of color you need. This colour combo will stand strongly by your side, just like your groom!
A unique take on fall wedding colours, the dark forest greens are magnificently contrasted with golden, metallic tones. These colours can make for spectacular floral arrangements, turning your wedding venue into a shimmering forest canopy, or sprucing up your place settings with a Midas touch.

Big Letter Multi-Layer Papercut – By Enya Keshet

To bring a piece of this vision home with you, choose the Big Letter Multi-Layer Papercut for some brilliant, complex greens, or accent your home with gold and crystals from our Luxe collection.


If you’re going for that timeless romantic look then this colour combination is just for you. It’s
simply charming! An updated take on classic colour themes, these pastel tones are perfect for a spring wedding. Just like our Verve Papercut Ketubah, we know these colours are sure to make a splash!

Verve Papercut Neutral Ketubah Designs by Ruth Mergi
Verve Papercut – by Ruth Becker

Inspiration can come from anywhere, and we hope that these popular themes will help you find the colours and Ketubah that you need. But if you haven’t decided on a theme just yet, then work backwards, and browse through our Ketubah collection. With so many beautiful designs and colours, we’re sure you’ll find one to help bring your wedding to life.

Popular Jewish Wedding Traditions

Finding the traditions to make your ceremony perfectly yours!

There’s a lot that goes into planning your wedding, and Jewish weddings have the added intrigue of the many rituals surrounding it. Different communities have different rituals, each contributing to the diverse tapestry that makes up Judaism. Some are pretty universal, while others might be specific to your community (or your grandparents’ community, for that matter).

It can be a bit tough to make sense of them all, but that’s what we’re here for! Here are a few well-known Jewish wedding ceremony traditions to help you plan out your wedding day.

The Ketubah

A Ketubah is a Jewish marriage contract. It is considered an integral part of a traditional Jewish marriage, and would traditionally outline the rights and responsibilities of the groom in relation to the bride. In a Jewish wedding, the signing of the Ketubah in an important ritual. It takes place before the actual wedding, usually on the same day. The bridal couple, officiant, witnesses, and a few close family and friends gather in a room to witness the act.

As this tradition has evolved over time, couples will sometimes sign the contract under the Chuppah itself, in front of the entire wedding party. While it’s still most common for two Witnesses to sign, it’s also been known for many more to be included. If you’re interested in doing that, then discuss with your officiant to see how common/acceptable that would be in your community.


If you have ever attended a Moroccan Jewish wedding, chances are you are unlikely to forget it. A Henna is a party held before a major life event, like a wedding. During a pre-wedding celebration, the oldest member of the family smudges henna on the palms of the couple’s hands, and, according to tradition, this will provide the couple with good health and fertility. There are also delicious delicacies served and very traditional outfits worn.

Wedding “Schtick”

In Jewish tradition, guests are tasked with bringing joy to a couple on their wedding date. There is no one “right” way to do schtick. some schtick is improvised in the moment. Other schtick is prepared in advance: some people brings signs or decorations that relate to inside jokes or shared experiences. Sometimes, guests perform feats of acrobatics or fun dances.

Breaking the Glass

Why do we break the glass under the chuppah? During a Jewish marriage ceremony, the couple crushes a glass. It’s meant to be a moment of remembrance for the destruction of the Jewish temples. The glass also has several symbolic meanings associated with the wedding. As soon as the glass is broken, there is a custom for the guests to say “Mazal Tov” and congratulate the couple on their wedding.

Circling the Groom

The bride circling the groom symbolizes the delineation of their own private world within the outer world, with her husband-to-be at its center. She continues to circle seven times, symbolizing that she, the “foundation of the home.” is founding a lasting edifice that will be complete until the end of time. Once she completed the seven circles, she stands beside her husband-to-be in the center of the circle. After the preparations for building the home are completed, both husband and the wife form its center, surrounded by the protective walls the wife created around their metaphysical home.

These are some of the most popular and well-known wedding traditions, but the wonderful thing about weddings is that each couple and community have their own unique way of making the tradition special to them. Whatever your customs may be, we’re sure that your traditions will brighten your celebration.

I Am My Beloved’s And My Beloved Is Mine: The Meaning And History Of A Popular Jewish Wedding Verse

I am My Beloved Infinity by Shell Rummel

The phrase “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine,” – Song of Songs (Shir HaShirim), is one of the most popular phrases in Judaism, and is included on a lot of Jewish artwork. It’s also included on many of our Ketubahs, so it’s natural to wonder: why? What is the meaning behind this phrase, and why is it so enduring within Judaism?

The Song of Songs is one of the most famous poetic works within the Jewish canon, with its writings affecting many of our understandings within Judaism. As we once noted, the initials of each letter within this phrase spell “Elul,” the final month on the Jewish calendar. Many teachings see this as a lesson in acceptance: Just as Elul is the month of repentance and being accepted for who one is, your love is also an acceptance of yourself and your partner for who they are and who you can be moving forward.

Another common translation of the phrase is “I am for my beloved, and my beloved is for me.” This interpretation brings further depth to our explanation of love and acceptance. It suggests that, while we are constantly striving for self-improvement, our relationships with our loved ones offer the greatest space to do this. We offer our loved ones a nurturing environment for them to grow, learn, experiment, and change into who they are meant to be, and they give us the space to do the same.

While it may be an ancient idea, this concept of radical love and self-improvement has resonated with couples over generations, so it’s no wonder why some of our most popular Ketubahs feature it prominently. Here are a few of our favorite Ani L’Dodi V’Dodi Li Ketubahs.

Love Papercut Ketubah Toronto by Enya Keshet
Love Papercut by Enya Keshet
Ani Ldodi V’dodi Li by Mat Tonti
Verses of Love Papercut by Enya Keshet
Seven Species – Gold Leaf by Lee Loebman
Fantasy Papercut Luxe by Enya Keshet

Planning your wedding and searching for the Ketubah of your dreams? Or shopping for the perfect gift for recently engaged loved ones? Now we have you covered with our all new Ketubah gift cards!

It’s YOUR Ketubah! What to consider to make sure your Ketubah feels uniquely yours.

If you’ve been tasked with choosing the Ketubah for your wedding, you might be wondering: where do I start? Should I get the fanciest one, or something more understated? Should I get a historical design or a more modern piece?

The short answer is, you should get the Ketubah that best fits you and your partner. This is your wedding, after all, so get the one that screams YOU for all to hear! That being said – we’ve got a lot of ways to do that, so let’s get into it and talk about how to consider the different categories, different text options, and how to go about personalizing your text.

Gingko Spiral by Temma Gentles

Find your style

With so many designs to choose from, it can be difficult to pick just one! But, by looking through our various categories, you can get a sense of the different art styles in each category, and keep you focused on finding the perfect one.

Supernova Confetti Ketubah Toronto by Susanne McGinnis
Supernova Cofetti by Susanne McGinnis

If you like bright, bold colors and beautiful watercolor images, then look through our Giclee or Canvas collection. These designs feature bold pieces in a variety of sizes, and can usually be printed on paper, canvas, or stretched canvas.

Supernova Confetti - Layered Ketubah Jewish Wedding by Susanne McGinnis
Supernova Confetti – Layered

Finding your perfect tIf you love the artwork on those pieces, but want something that “pops,” then head over to our Layered Ketubah collection. This series of Ketubahs features some of our most popular designs, elevated by creating various layers to them and stacking them for a three-dimensional effect. These are quickly becoming some of our most popular designs, and when you see them, you’ll understand why.

Roots Papercut Luxe Ketubah Art by Enya Keshet
Roots Papercut Luxe by Enya Keshet

Want something more modern? Try our Papercut or Luxe collection Ketubahs. While papercutting is an old, storied art form, it’s become popular again in recent years, bringing a modern flair to these timeless pieces. These designs use negative space and layers to create these amazing statement pieces, perfect for couples with a classical/modern style.

Say it your way

So, you’ve picked out the perfect design. It fits perfectly with your personal style, and will look just as incredible hanging in your home as it will be displayed at your ceremony. The next important thing to ask is: what does your Ketubah actually say? Traditional Ketubah texts are rather contractual in nature, and in keeping with tradition, we have plenty of Orthodox, Sephardic, and Conservative texts. But if you and your partner are looking for something a bit more modern, then our Reform/Egalitarian, Secular Humanist, LGBTQ, and Interfaith texts might be right for you.

Life’s Journey for Reform/Egalitarian Couples

Most of the texts offered on our site include both a Hebrew and English section. Our English texts are unique to It’s important to note that while the English text is a translation of the Hebrew texts in the Reform, Interfaith, and LGBTQ text categories, but that is not so for the Orthodox and Conservative categories, where the English texts featured are merely an accompaniment to the more traditional Hebrew/Aramaic language.

If none of these texts are quite right for you, then you have the option to order your own Custom Text. You can write a text that’s completely unique to you, and we can even translate it into Hebrew for you, if you’d like. With endless possibilities, this is the perfect way to have a Ketubah that’s unlike any other.

Filling in your text

There are 2 different ways to go about filling in the details within your text. One is to have us fill in the Personalized details for you in matching calligraphy to the rest of the ketubah text, or, you can order it Unpersonalized, and write in  your names, wedding date and location within the text yourselves on the day of the ceremony. Most couples prefer to have us fill in the text, giving them the clean look seen in the images on our site, but others prefer to have the personal touch of a friend or Officiant fill in the details for you. Just make sure to let them know ahead of time, so that they know what to expect when they see the Ketubah!

If you decide to order the text Personalized by us, then your order confirmation email will include a link to your personalization wizard, and will walk you through submitting all those details.

With endless possibilities to prepare your Ketubah, we’re confident that we’ll be able to help you find one that’s perfect for you!

Valentine’s Day – Fun Ideas for a Date Night In

This Valentine’s Day might look a little too familiar. The past few years haven’t offered much in the way of fun, carefree outings, as different cities’ restrictions leave you and your significant other scrambling for ideas. But there’s nothing like a good date night in for a cozy, romantic Valentine’s Day. Here are a few ideas from us at for your Valentine’s Day date night at home.

Wine and cheese tasting night

An oldie but a goodie: Feel fancy on your night in and try out some of your favorite wines and cheeses.

Part of the fun of this is the anticipation: go out together and choose what you’re going to try. Maybe these are your favorite wines, or perhaps it’s something completely new. But by going out together and picking them out in advance, you’re guaranteed to think about it several times a day before the time comes to taste them together.

Break out your charcuterie board, plate the crackers and cheeses nicely, and see what you like! Perhaps you’ll find your palate too refined for certain combinations, or maybe you’ll both just be happy for an excuse to have that much cheese and wine. Either way, you’re in for a good time.

Game night

Have the headbands and hair elastics handy, because it’s about to get competitive. Or not, whatever works for you. Games are great for hanging out in an interactive way while thinking creatively, solving puzzles, or just trying wacky things together. Whether it’s the day’s latest Wordle or the Mario Kart Grand Prix, from Texas Hold ‘Em to It Takes Two, card games or video games, you can find ways to play together and work together and just have a fun night in.

Bake up a storm!

Savory or sweet, baked goods always brings people closer together. Sharing that space together and making something delicious is an amazing experience, and it tastes great too!* If you’re on a bread binge, or want to try making Arepas, then spend the week finding tasty recipes on Pinterest, to narrow down exactly what you want to make. Baking is a great way to make something fun and adventurous together, and have something delicious come from it.

*actual results may vary

Escape Room

Feel like you’ve been cooped up for too long? You’re not alone! Feel that catharsis with a DIY escape room. There are tons of tools online to help you set up your own tasks and puzzles, so if you’re the type of couple who likes to craft things and play games together, then this is the perfect date night for you. There are plenty of different puzzle ideas and instructions that you can find online, so why not try something different?

Spa Night

After a long day, sometime you just need a quiet, relaxing evening. Pick up some face masks, light a candle to set the ambience, and throw in those bath bombs you’ve been hanging on to. While taking care of each other, it’s important to also remember to take care of yourselves.

Take A Class Together

You’ve always talked about learning to dance, and now is a great time to learn how! Find a virtual dance class in the style that you like. Not into dancing? Try yoga. Or cycling. Bodybuilding. Whatever your speed is, there’s a class for you. Virtual classes are a great way to stay active while still having fun with your partner, whether you’re joking through it or if you’re both super competitive. There are tons of instructors online in every manner of class imaginable, so find something you both want to try and give it a go!

Paint Night

Twilight Paradise on easel in-studio set up

Show off your creative side with a paint night! You can pick up paints and canvases from your local art store, sit across from each other and paint whatever comes to mind. You can also give each other prompts to see how the other interprets it – think of it like a really fancy Pictionary.

Not feeling so creative? There are tons of painting tutorials on YouTube where you can see how they do it, and follow along (or go at your own pace) to put your own spin on things.

What Matters Most

At the end of the day, the best thing you can do for your partner is show them that you care. If big, romantic gestures are your way of doing that, then pull out all the stops! If smaller, more intimate gestures are more your speed, then great! As long as it shows that you’re thinking about them, and that you love them, you can’t go wrong.

The Coincidental Ketubah

California’s Caldor fire. (Photo by Michael Nigro/Sipa via AP Images)

One of the joys of having my ketubah designs available on for over a decade now is that I will frequently meet folks in the Jewish community who have one of my designs. They will hear my name, and it will sound familiar. Later on, it may flash before them: she did our ketubah! I always love to hear this, and enjoy getting all the details of their wedding and how they have chosen to display their ketubah in their home. I feel so grateful to be able to give them a meaningful work of art that represents their marriage union for the couple, their families, and any visitors to their home. My only regret is that I do not usually get to have a personal relationship with the folks who purchase my designs.

Yet the most extraordinary occurence of this kind of post-wedding ketubah recognition happened to me this past fall. While I spent the majority of my adult life in the Bay Area and was lucky to mingle with many different Jewish communities of all stripes and colors, I moved in 2021 to a rural area outside of Sacramento, two hours away. The Covid pandemic had changed what I was looking for in my life– since community was no longer possible in the way it was before, I chose to get closer to nature. I now live on 20 wooded acres abutting the El Dorado National Forest. 

Unfortunately, the Covid crisis was quickly followed by a devastating wildfire that raged through the National Forest and threatened everyone’s home in my small town, as well as dozens of other small settlements that skirt Highway 50 headed towards South Lake Tahoe. As pyrocumulus clouds ballooned on the horizon from the origin of the fire just three miles away, I helped my neighbors pack up their trailer and we all evacuated to a safer spot 20 miles away. It would be three weeks before we were allowed to return, but thankfully none of us lost our homes or endured property damage. The Caldor Fire was one of the most destructive and quick-spreading fires in California history, and it ultimately burned up over 200,000 acres of forest.

Every day was filled with anxiety and dread, hoping that the winds would not blow the fire closer to my community, and that it would stay away from other towns as it raced east, fueled on by an unusually dry season of drought.

As is the custom these days when communities go through difficulty and constantly need up-to-date news, multiple Facebook groups were formed to connect evacuees. We used these groups to help neighbors, locate lost pets, share info about when the evacuation would end, and donate money and time to the local shelters that were putting up tens of thousands of people who couldn’t be in their homes. One day after my evacuation had ended, I was looking through recent posts and noticed that one man was asking everyone where he could buy challah nearby. Challah? In my area? This must be the only other Jew around, I thought to myself. So I did what we do when we sense another member of the Tribe, and I reached out through a direct message to find out who this was and if we could have Shabbat dinner sometime, with that elusive local challah bread.

To my amazement, the fellow wasn’t Jewish, but his wife is, and he is actually the music director at an Episcopalian church in Sacramento. We got married four years ago, he mentioned, and then discussed the rabbi and synagogue where the nuptials occurred. Having so recently married, I thought I would ask if they had a ketubah. I explained to him that it was my habit to always ask about ketubahs, since I designed them and loved to know what choices people made for their special day.

Before I had a chance to inhale, he sent me an image of their ketubah.

I was floored. It was indeed one of my designs – Four Seasons – and they had purchased it from!

Perhaps I was a little too excited, as I proceeded to use more exclamation points than I think I had used the entire year in total, but the rush of Jewish connection amidst the difficult and traumatizing experience of getting evacuated and having our homes threatened was worthy of exclaiming. Here’s our exchange on Facebook Messenger.

Like me, he and his wife were equally moved to be connected through this 2500-year-old tradition of ketubah creation in the midst of such a turbulent time. We promised to stay in touch and get together for Shabbat when things calmed down.

More than anything, this experience ignited my sense that Jewish identity and tradition constitute a ballast of strength and beauty, no matter what is going on in politics, climate, pandemic, plagues, pogroms or wars. And reaching out to those who share this identity and tradition leads to wonderful connections that can help us remain resilient during tough times. But I’m still floored by the coincidence.

Elie Wiesel once said that “in Jewish history, there are no coincidences.” He meant that there is meaning in everything that happens.

I’m looking forward to more and more coincidences and ketubah recognitions, each bringing an opportunity to create meaning and new relationships.

Wedding Trends for 2022

One of the wonderful things about wedding season is seeing how each couple brings their own unique flair to the festivities. Table settings, decorations, flowers, and color-schemes are all important considerations when planning your wedding, but the fashions seem to change every year. Luckily, we’ve got you covered! We have scoured the internet, spoken to couples, and reached out to our contacts to find out what the hottest wedding trends are for 2022. We’ll make sure that you’ve got the most up-to-date and hip wedding of the season (It’ll be more hip than the word “hip”, I promise, this was a one time thing, you won’t hear it again).

Intimate guest lists

People are definitely letting loose more after two years of pandemic weddings, but one thing that’s sticking around seems to be scaled back guest lists. Whether this is for health and safety precautions, or the realization that you can have just as special an occasion without inviting people you’ve never heard of, a lot of people have come to expect this in recent years, giving you the opportunity to invite whoever you want to stand beside you on one of the most important days of your life.

Another interesting trend to come out of this is to invite in “waves.” You want to invite as many people as you can, but you’re not sure who will or won’t be able to attend, for various reasons. So if you’re trying to keep numbers at specific capacity limits, then this is a great way to do so. Having tiered waves of invites lets you invite the most important people first, seeing how many RSVP, and then sending out more invitations until you fill your guest list. It might be a bit utilitarian, but in times like these, it can be a helpful way of figuring out exactly who can attend.

Destination weddings

With travel becoming more viable than it’s been in the past few years, why not use your wedding to scratch that travel itch? Traveling for your wedding will help this time feel like the vacation you deserve, while keeping your guest list to an intimate minimum. If people can’t make it, they won’t feel as bad, plus you’ll get to wrap your wedding and honeymoon into one trip. This has the bonus effect of giving you some really unique wedding photos, so make sure to splurge on a great local photographer!

Eleganza Gold and Silver Leaf Ketubah, by Susanne McGinnis

All gold everything

One of the emerging trends this year is gold accents in wedding colors. From tablecloths to floral arrangements to wedding party outfits, there are tons of creative options for adding a splash of gold to your wedding, so embrace the opportunity! Periwinkle is Pantone’s color of the year, so show off your fashion sense by going full met-gala, and combining this year’s most fashionable colors. Transform the evening into an unforgettable, glamorous affair. With Ketubahs from our Gold & Silver collection, you can even match your design to your wedding colors. Stay on theme, but don’t be afraid to stand out: this day is for you!

Reception Parties

It’s never too late to celebrate your love. Despite different places’ capacity or gathering limits, many couples still got married during the pandemic, but might not have been able to throw the party they’d always dreamed of. So if it’s safe to do so, why not throw the wedding bash you’ve always dreamed of – even if you’re already married?  You want to celebrate, and your friends and loved ones want to celebrate with you, so go out and book that venue, strike up the band, and make up for lost time by dancing like it’s the 2020 (or 2021) that could have been.

Return of the Weekday Wedding

2022 is shaping up to be one of the most wedding-packed years in decades, but there are only so many weekends on which you can book your wedding. If you don’t act soon, the venue you’re eyeing might be booked before you know it! But don’t panic: if we’ve learned anything from the past few years, it’s how to get creative when things don’t go your way. While weekday weddings were once frowned upon, they’ve made a comeback in recent years as a practical way to host your celebration, while saving a bit of money on less-than-pime wedding dates. Whether its a large, in-person gala event, a more intimate affair, or a live-streamed production, it’s important to remember to set the time of the ceremony late enough for your guests to arrive. Your wedding party might be able to justify leaving work/school/dance practice early to get there, but remember to give everyone else enough time to get there!

This year is shaping up to be one of the biggest for weddings on record, partly due to the large number of postponements from the past two years. So while it might be a busy year for you and your loved ones, we’re sure that it will be one to remember.