Before You Buy Your Ketubah

The ketubah you choose for your wedding should be one you and your partner will be able to cherish for life, one that recalls the happy memories of your marriage. Whether it graces your house for all to see, or if you keep it in a more private room, you’ll want to make sure it’s just right—from style to content. To help, here are some things to consider that will help you make sure you get the perfect ketubah before you buy.

Finding Your Style

Orchid Papercut Ketubah By Enya Keshet | Photograph: Ed Dye Photography

One comment we often hear is that it can be hard to choose. With the huge variety of styles and techniques ketubah artists offer, it can be challenging to feel like you’ve made the right choice. Worry no more! Here’s some ways to avoid both the stress of choosing, and that buyer’s remorse down the road.

First, think of your ketubah as the first and most important piece of art you and your spouse will choose and display together. It should represent you both, as well as the idea of your partnership. Should you both have different tastes in art and ideas of what you’d like, take some time to discuss and search for the design that best suits you.

Browsing our Instagram and Facebook accounts can be great for finding examples from our customers’ own weddings and homes. Wonder what the Infinity of Love Personalized Papercut Ketubah looks like already framed? Erik sent us a photo!

How do you display a papercut that does not have a backdrop, like the Orchid Papercut, under the chuppah? Dassi took her ketubah to the framers to mount the papercut, then the venue provided a beautiful easel to hold it during the ceremony. After the wedding, Dassi took it back to the framer to complete the framing.

If you are purchasing a Ketubah for someone you love—wonderful! What a thoughtful, meaningful gift, but this may not be something you want to surprise someone with. Talk to the couple, discuss their style and tastes, color palettes—do they want it to match their home? Their wedding decor? Then tell them you’ll take it from there!

Different Ketubah, Different Timeline

It can take time to get the details right, and time to produce the ketubah you want, so keep in mind the following timeframes. For luxe ketubah, including crystals, gold, and 18 layer papercuts, we recommend ordering 8 weeks before you need it. Most giclee and papercut ketubot should be ordered 4 weeks in advance; gold or silver leaf ketubot and stretched canvases require 3-4 weeks.

When you order a personalized DIY (with names, date and location filled in by you will receive 2 copies, just in case your artist needs to start over. Mistakes happen! However, if you order unpersonalized you will receive 1 copy and your artist (or the rabbi) will need to fill in those personal wedding details.

If you are having fill in the wedding date, location and names, you will need to fill out the personalization form. If you would like your rabbi or officiant to fill it in or double check that all the information is correct, especially if you are having a traditional and Hebrew ketubah—but please be aware this process can take longer, so give yourself plenty of time.

You should know that we allow 2 free revisions, so it’s always best to carefully check the proof and send one list of revisions to avoid added costs. Confirm your text category with your officiant before ordering. You’ll need two items in your card: your design choice and text choice (unless you’re doing a custom text).

Less Stressing, More Blessings

Infinity of Love Personalized Papercut Ketubah By Shell Rummel | Photograph: Erik Robbins

Following the guidelines above can help you pick the perfect ketubah and get it with time to spare before your big day. And with so much going on, one less source of stress is exactly what you need! We also have some more tips in our blog post about when to order. When you can make sure your ketubah is a perfect fit, you can focus on making the most of your wedding!