Britt Yudell – A True Trailblazer

Britt Yudell – A True Trailblazer - britt-hero2

Britt Yudell in her Brooklyn studio

Britt Yudell’s wonderful and unique ketubah art has graced our store for many years, and we’re consistently inspired by her creations. So far as we know, Britt was also the first person in the world to create an embroidered ketubah, making her a real visionary in the medium! How her journey through life eventually got her into ketubah art is a wonderful story.

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First ever Embroidered ketubah.

About Britt

The idea of ‘basheret’ (‘meant to be’) has played into Britt’s life in many ways. As it turns out, she was born at the same hospital as her husband, and around the same time as well. She grew up in Zichron Yaakov, Israel, and her future soulmate in Pardes Hana. Some 20 years later they met and got married.

 Growing up in Zichron Yaakov with her artistic parents (father a ceramic artist and mother a jeweller) meant that Britt was surrounded by art, and no stranger to art fairs. She enrolled in interior design school, and when her good friend was getting married, Britt was requested to make a ketubah as a gift for the couple. She made a few drafts on Photoshop, and her friend encouraged her to follow her inspiration—and so, the first (so far as we know) embroidered ketubah was made!

Wedding Bells

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At the wedding, the rabbi remarked that the ketubah really matched such a special moment because Britt had made it. As part of the ceremony, she realized “this actually has a lot of meaning, and I’m part of something huge.”

The bride referred another couple to Britt, and the demand surprised her. Still, until life brought her to Brooklyn, she didn’t fully see the audience for her ketubahs. Interior design school had developed her ability to think outside of the box and experiment with mediums. Britt started with embroidered designs and, while living in Brooklyn, began to experiment with watercolors and realized she had found her medium in ketubah art. Judging by the results, tt must have been meant to be.

“this actually has a lot of meaning, and I’m part of something huge…”

Creating a long-lasting partnership

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Several years ago, Britt found Ketubah.com and knew she wanted to have her art here, and we also wanted a chance to offer embroidery. But how? After some discussion, we found a solution: we’d use a 3D scanner to make a print of the embroidered ketubah. Britt remembers that she was amazed…

“It’s super high quality. Really, standing 2 feet away it looked just like the originals. They found a creative way to make it work. I had no idea what a 3D scanner even was!”

More on Britt

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Ketubah.com: Please tell us about your new beaded ketubahs?

Britt: I always like to think of something that sounds crazy and weird— ‘that on a ketubah?’ There are so many very talented artists and you always try to stand out and try to do something new. I made a minimalist, simple circle ketubah with glass beads and low expectations. I didn’t think it would get such a good response from so many people!

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How would you describe your art style?

Ketubahs are niche and then my designs are colorful and even more niche. Not everyone is going to like or relate to my work, so I’m not just going to make something more simple that I don’t love. My husband and I like a lot of layers and colors.

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We hear you recently did something to help with the Australian wildfires?

I was inspired by one my best friends Tal Amdadi, a wood jewelry designer in Neve Tzedek who would donate one tree for every purchase. Tal is the designer of TALALE’s Jewelry brand and owns the Wood Boutique in Tel Aviv. So I decided to do that. It’s the least I can do. I raised 50 trees! It was a simple thing to do, and we’re going to do a collaboration together too. The organization we helped out was earthday.org.

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Do you have any advice to help couples choose their ketubah?

I just got married and to do my own ketubah was very hard, but if I had to choose a design, I would just have to feel that I love it. There are so many talented artists and there is really something for everyone. Generally, for all wedding planning—just take it easy and everything will be great. Trust the people you choose to work with—all the vendors. Trust the people, and trust your gut!

A True Trailblazer

Britt Yudell – A True Trailblazer - britt-hero1

Pre-Embroidered Ketubah

We’re blessed to work with an artist as inspiring as Britt Yudell, who pushes the envelope of ketubah art and whose creativity is so well expressed in every one of her unique and gorgeous ketubahs. Even if you’re not currently in the market for a ketubah, her designs (such as Blue and Gold Embroidery) are well worth the look! To see what’s new with Britt, visit her website at www.britcolors.com.

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