DIY Ketubahs Come To Life

DIY Ketubahs Come To Life - ketubah-diy-ketubahs-come-life-1

Sometimes, no matter what, you just can’t seem to find the perfect ketubah for you and your spouse. You want a ketubah for your Jewish wedding ceremony but can’t find a ketubah that captures everything you want it to. That’s where the DIY Ketubah comes in!

How It Works offers different DIY Ketubahs. Circular text on a square background, rectangular text on a vertical background, even one in an arch shaped text and so many more. Have an artist you love, a friend or family member you know design the diy-do-it-yourself-archshaped-text-ketubah-by-youartwork around the text. Or you can order a digital one to add graphics and print it yourself. When you order the DIY Ketubah unpersonalized (details left blank) you’ll receive one copy. And if you order the ketubah personalized (with the names, date and location filled) you receive 2 copies for a rough draft, or just in case a mistake is made!

You Do It Yourself DIY on Arches® Paper - Circular Text on Square Background Black/White Ketubah Designs
You Do It Yourself DIY on Arches® Paper - Arch-Shaped Text Black/White Ketubah Store

“ offers 14 different DIY Ketubahs. Circular text on a square background, rectangular text on a vertical background, even one in an arch shaped text and so many more.”

We discovered Yelena Bryksenkova’s work on Instagram #ketubah #love. A couple ordered our DIY ketubah and commissioned Yelena to create the amazing artwork through her Etsy shop. “I was so excited to discover it was printed on Arches, it was amazingly smooth to paint on! Top notch quality!”

Preferred Paper By Artists

Arches® paper is preferred amongst printers and artists so of course it’s what we make our ketubahs on. You’re going to see a difference  with the ease of painting and customizing your client, friend, or sibling’s ketubah with that personal touch you are giving to that marriage contract.

Amanda and Josh ordered a DIY Ketubah because Amanda is an artist herself. “We wanted something completely unique and meaningful. I love to paint and this would be a piece of art we’d have forever,” she explains.

“Josh and I met at overnight camp, Camp Wise, so being in nature is a part of our story.  The roots symbolize family, which is also very important to us.”

DIY Ketubahs Come To Life - ketubah-diy-ketubahs-come-life-6

For others it is a family tradition to make the ketubah by a loved one. Terry ordered a DIY Ketubah for her daughter’s wedding for her mother to design. You read that correctly. Her mother has made each of her own children’s ketubahs, and now has started with her first granddaughter’s! “It was truly an honor for both my daughter and my mother to be sharing this special moment.”
Since the groom is a Cohen she included the Cohanic symbols on the top with the hands over the ephod. Palm trees represent where they live in South Florida. And the couple loves the color orange so she incorporated orange flowers. The end result was a personal ketubah the whole family loves!

DIY Ketubahs Come To Life - ketubah-diy-ketubahs-come-life-7

Rosette Sund has done 5 DIY Ketubahs for various couples, including her own! Through this experience she has been inspired to create her own custom ketubahs from scratch. Who knew that’s DIY offer would actually inspire and breed a ketubah artist??

I Found Whom My Soul Loves

DIY Ketubahs Come To Life - ketubah-diy-ketubahs-come-life-8

Michelle & Rob

“Michelle and Rob really bring out the best in each other. Within this hand cut paper artwork are embedded symbols such as pomegranates, doves, hearts, and chamsas representing their balanced partnership. The two doves are linked with the words from Song of Songs, “I found whom my soul loves.” The paper cut is layered on top of Nealese paper with a wood grain texture mirroring their appreciation for a modern aesthetic.”

Sheva Brachot

DIY Ketubahs Come To Life - ketubah-diy-ketubahs-come-life-9

Zorah & Shawn

“It is so special to meet a couple who held out to find their true besheret. Zorah and Shawn are a special couple that compliment each other beautifully. Creating a Jewish home together was a priority and this ketubah reflects their beliefs. Each circle surrounding the text includes an image that represents one of the Sheva Brachot. The text surrounding it reflects the words from Song of Songs “Behold Thou Art Beautiful, my love; Behold Thou Art Beautiful, my beloved.”

Love Birds

DIY Ketubahs Come To Life - ketubah-diy-ketubahs-come-life-10

Danya & Andrew

“Danya is a fun loving girl with a passion for music and Andrew is a kind hearted mensch. The two came together by the miracle of a set up by a mutual friend with a plan. It only seemed appropriate for a whimsical ketubah design to commemorate their true love story. The two golden birds nestle close together atop 5 wires (like a music staff) ready to make their harmonious tune.”

Roots of Love

DIY Ketubahs Come To Life - ketubah-diy-ketubahs-come-life-11

Rebecca & Jason

“It does not take long to be infected by Rebecca’s optimism and warmth. Couple this with Jason, a calming and down-to-earth fellow, and the pair are a pleasure to spend time with. The tree on the left represents his tranquil nature while the tree on the right symbolizes her fiery personality. Both are deeply rooted in their beliefs, yet their branches (and futures) reach outward and upward together towards a bright, promising, and exciting future.”

Behold Thou Art Beautiful

DIY Ketubahs Come To Life - ketubah-diy-ketubahs-come-life-12

Rosette & Jonathan

“When I finally found my own beloved, I knew our ketubah would capture our common beliefs and future goals which aligned perfectly. The blue background and chamsas embedded within the fluid lines represent a protecting force against the evil eye and solidify this harmonious partnership. The Hebrew text surrounding the ketubah is taken from The Song of Songs and reads, “Behold Thou Art Beautiful, my love; Behold Thou Art Beautiful, my beloved.”

If you or someone you know is interested in Rosette’s work please feel free to contact her at

Dawn ordered a DIY ketubah for her daughter Susie and her new husband Ryan Kimmel‘s wedding. She spoke with the couple before she started painting, “I asked them their favorite shape (circle), colors (blue and yellow) and style (blended, abstract). I sketched several ideas on paper so that I could get their feedback on which design they liked the best.”

DIY Ketubahs Come To Life - ketubah-diy-ketubahs-come-life-13

Dawn was inspired by the words Susie and Ryan chose for their ketubah. “Two of the phrases that moved me were “Through all time and space, there has been no love like ours, and our story will unfold with beauty, grace and meaning”, and “Through all time and space, there will be no story like ours.”

“I designed the Ketubah to look as if their commitment to each other (the words) were rising up from the yellow warmth and love they share out into time and space. A circle never ends — just as their love will never end through all time.”

DIY Ketubahs Come To Life - ketubah-diy-ketubahs-come-life-14
DIY Ketubahs Come To Life - ketubah-diy-ketubahs-come-life-15

These words took on even more meaning when Susie was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 25, just five months before the wedding.  “Ryan and his parents supported our family in helping Susie endure the surgeries, chemotherapy, and radiation treatments.  She was half-way through her 24 chemo treatments on their wedding day.”

Linda made this DIY ketubah for her sister and brother-in-law. Rather than risk ruining the paper she cut out the wording and painted a watercolor painting of cherry blossoms and the beach. “My sister wanted the blossoms evocative of Washington DC in the spring, and the beach is a destination they enjoy as a couple.”

DIY Ketubahs Come To Life - ketubah-diy-ketubahs-come-life-16

Why those birds? Linda explains, “Her favorite bird is the cardinal and his is the robin so they are both represented in the art.” She then glued the wording and birds into the painting collage style. “It is being framed now and that should provide the finishing touch. I also put a little heart in the sand where I signed the piece.”

Jordana ordered a DIY Ketubah for her sister, an artist in Calgary, to paint, but the way they did it was very different!

Her sister bought a frame with matting that had enough space to fit the writing of the Ketubah, and she painted the matting with their wedding colors. “When she came in for the wedding she brought the frame, and then we put the Ketubah in behind it! She’s a great painter so we thought it was a perfect and memorable gift from her.”

DIY Ketubahs Come To Life - ketubah-diy-ketubahs-come-life-17

If you have a DIY ketubah we want to see it! Share it with us on FacebookInstagram and Twitter – whatever you prefer. We can’t wait to see.

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