Five Fall Jewish Wedding Necessities

Five Fall Jewish Wedding Necessities - fall-wedding-necessity

Fall is an excellent season for weddings. However, weather conditions in fall can be unpredictable. Furthermore, you’ll want to celebrate the season’s magnificence in a way that elevates your wedding, delights your guests, and creates truly unforgettable memories. With that in mind, here are five fall necessities you will want to keep in mind.

Weather-resistant Chuppah

Five Fall Jewish Wedding Necessities - bridgehampton_chuppah

Chuppah Rental from Chuppah Studio

The chuppah is the central symbol of any Jewish wedding. It symbolizes the openness and hospitality with which wedding guests are received, and also God’s presence over the ceremony. With fall weather as unpredictable as it is, selecting the right chuppah is important. A weather-resistant chuppah not only creates shelter in the event of showers, but the right fabric stands up to gusts of wind—a great way to demonstrate the solid foundations of your marriage, as well as a practical consideration.

Pomegranate Decorations

Five Fall Jewish Wedding Necessities - fall-wedding-flowers-pom

Nhiyakaye Photography from Green Wedding Shoes

The right colors can make or break decorations, and pomegranate is an ideal color for fall weddings. An autumnal shade of purple, pomegranate is a rich color with royal implications that will help elevate the wedding. It is also complementary to other shades and tones that perfectly reflect the season while adding a cheerful beauty to your wedding. Pomegranates were also one of the Seven Species of produce identified with Israel in ancient times, and remain an important symbol. If you are planning to give customized yarmulkes to guests, pomegranate is a fine color choice!

Fall-themed Ketubah

Britt Yudell Giclée Prints Autumn Mandala Pastel Ketubah For Sale

It should come as no surprise that choosing the right Ketubah for the season is equally important. The color and style of your Ketubah should suit the season, so that it always reminds you of your promise, as well as reflecting the season in a timeless and beautiful way. Here are several excellent examples to inspire your search: Autumn Mandala, by Britt Yudel; Forest in the Fall, by Tziona Brauner; Folk Art – Hamsas, by Celia Lemonik; and our Pomegranates Papercut, by Angela Munitiz.

The Tallit

Five Fall Jewish Wedding Necessities - tallit

Featured on Smashing The Glass

There is a Sephardic tradition involving the tallit, or prayer shawl, you may want to adopt for your wedding. During final blessings, the couple’s parents will drape a large tallit over the couple’s shoulders, symbolizing how they are surrounded by love, as well as their unity as betrothed. On a brisk fall day, this beautiful gesture has some cozy and practical benefits as well as creating another memorable moment for photographs!

Choosing the Right Date

Five Fall Jewish Wedding Necessities - Calendar-date

There are many holy days in the peak autumn months to consider when planning your wedding. In the month of Tishrei, Rosh Hashana, Yom Kippur, Succot, and Simchat Torah will all take place and should be avoided for weddings. Traditionally, weddings are not scheduled between Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, as they are solemn days. This can create challenges for a fall wedding when trying to satisfy many guests, especially from other faiths, but as Tishrei is the month of inspiration and strength, it is also a meaningful time and worth the challenge.

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