Free Snapchat Filters For Your Jewish Wedding

Free Snapchat Filters For Your Jewish Wedding - ketubah-free-snapchat-filters-jewish-wedding-1

Your dress has been fitted, the flowers have been picked out, you’ve finally put together the perfect seating chart for your guests and your ketubah is on its way! Now that all the details for your wedding are ready right before the big day, there’s one more thing that you can add to make your wedding even more spectacular and truly 2017.

Free Snapchat Filters For Your Jewish Wedding - ketubah-free-snapchat-filters-jewish-wedding-2

Create a Snapchat geofilter to share the day’s most memorable moments! To help you create your very own filter that’s unique to your wedding, FTD created a Snapchat filter generator. It includes 14 templates that can be customized with your own personal wedding details. Check out the filters below and use the Snapchat filter generator to start creating your own!

Simply choose your favorite template, and enter the bride’s and groom’s names, their initials, or the wedding date by clicking on the text fields.

Once you’ve inputted the appropriate wedding details, click on the “Save This Filter” button and your customized filter will appear in a popup window.

Just right click on the image and click “Save Image As” to download the filter.

After you’ve downloaded your Snapchat filter, simply upload it to Snapchat on their On-Demand Geofilters page.

Note 1: Geofilters can only be created on desktop devices so you won’t be able to find this functionality on your mobile app.

Note 2: Be sure to upload your filter 3-4 days in advance to allow plenty of time for your filter to get approved. On the day of your wedding, you’ll be delighted to find your special Snapchat filter available for all your guests to enjoy.

Can’t decide which filter to go with? Let your ketubah inspire your FTD Snapchat filter!

Got a Gold Leaf Ketubah? FTD’s gold speckle filter goes perfectly!

The floral filter isn’t just for your face – Jennifer Reichman’s ketubahs are a match made in heaven.

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