Gorgeous Giclée Print Ketubot

Gorgeous Giclée Print Ketubot - ketubah-colours

Selecting a giclée print ketubah is a great choice due to the advantages of the print technique.
With the use of archival quality inks and pigments, and a wider array of colors, giclée printing presses can accurately match just about any gamut of colors, making them any artist’s first choice for reproducing two-dimensional art.

Fortunately for the world of ketubot, this process allows us to reproduce ketubot from our museum collection and offer you the highest-quality modern ketubot as well. So, please feast your eyes on some truly beautiful examples from our collection.


Ruth Mergi Giclée Prints Mineral Blue Ketubah Marriage Contracts

Mineral By Ruth Becker

Mineral, by Ruth Becker, is truly a solid ketubah. With bold colors and striking geometric shapes ringing the ketubah text, Mineral is both classic and modern, illustrating a perfect balance between romance and practicality; it calls to mind a geode split open, demonstrating the beauty within, speaking to the resilience of love.

Shalom – To Life

Gorgeous Giclée Print Ketubot - Image-1-25

Photograph by Westlund Photography

Shalom – To Life is a wonderful design by prolific ketubah artist Angela Munitz. “To life” – corresponding to the number 18, is the blessing that we pray for under the chuppah on this momentous day in our lives; for peace, good health, and happiness as a couple is joined. The restrained color palette of blue and white, the holiest and most pure colors, are matched by an intricate design of floral forms.

Blue and Gold Embroidery

Gorgeous Giclée Print Ketubot - order-britt-yudell-giclee-prints-blue-and-gold-embroidery-blue-ketubah-for-sale-3@2x

Blue And Gold Embroidery By Britt Yudell

Brit Yudell’s Blue and Gold Embroidery is an excellent example of how giclée prints can preserve the fine details of art created in other media. Though this print is not an embroidered ketubah, the eye would have trouble making the distinction from a distance, due to the high resolution quality of giclée printing. Gorgeous details and colors make this ketubah an attractive and restrained option. 

Adventure of a Lifetime II

Gorgeous Giclée Print Ketubot - adventure-ketubah

Adventure of a Lifetime II By Shell Rummel

Adventure of a Lifetime II represents Shell Rummel’s explorations of style, technique, and substance. Made possible by experimentation with new ink and paint, this ketubah features a bold and expressive palette that suggests the viewer is looking out over the landscape of life. Bold as true love, and as complex, Adventure of a Lifetime II is a great example of Rummel’s unforgettable work and the ability of giclée printing to faithfully reproduce it.

Ancona, Italy, 1768

Gorgeous Giclée Print Ketubot - Katy_Les_April1st2018-309-1-1

Another advantage of giclée print ketubot is that they enable historical examples to be used for modern weddings, duplicating every intricate detail, and even the color of paper and incidental details. As you might expect, the past holds some incredible examples of ketubah art, such as a wonderfully composed, richly detailed, intricate museum ketubah from Ancona, Italy, 1768. Our museum ketubot allow you bring a beautiful piece of history into your wedding ceremony.

The Giclée Technique

A fine art ketubah on a good surface, printed with the giclée technique, will possess bold colors and be as long-lasting as a marriage built on true love and mutual commitment. Whether the initial design is spare and clean or intricate and highly detailed, this printing technique allows a perfect reproduction with no loss of fidelity.

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