Hidden Gem Ketubahs

As the world’s leading provider of ketubahs, it’s no surprise that we have numerous, often overlooked masterpieces among our collection. The following ketubahs are great examples of ingenuity and creativity in the realm of ketubah art, and today we’re proud to showcase them.

Lunette Series

lunette series giclee

Judith Joseph’s Lunette Series uses a hand-carved woodblock print style with a limited palette of white and deep blue to great effect. Depicting a reflective natural scene of birch trees by a lake, this ketubah is rich with symbolism. The moon, which structures the months, announces the start and end of festivals and holy days, and reflects the light of the sun amidst darkness—is a powerful symbol to associate with love and marriage.

Forest Sanctuary

Hidden Gem Ketubahs - intext3-1

Photography by MikeStaffProductions

Great art really elevates Forest Sanctuary, from Linda Frimer. Smooth brushwork is used to depict a bucolic scene in a forest, surrounding the text with symbolic trees, vibrant color, and the beauty of wildflowers. A chuppah of sky of deepest blue supported by trees above the text adds a lovely piece of detail and is a uniquely fitting and apt symbol for a ketubah.

When It’s Spoken

Hidden Gem Ketubahs - hgk-2

Nava Shoham’s classical style is epitomized in this Ahava – Gold Leaf ketubah with the quotation from the historic Song of Songs: “I am my beloved and my beloved is mine”. The beautiful piece signifies enduring love, depicted by the rose and lovebirds on show. Nava’s artwork tends to reflect an exciting, colorful, soulful journey which is illustrated elegantly on this unique ketubah.

Morse Code – I Love You

Morse code gold print

Shell Rummel’s Morse Code – I Love You showcases her power to be wonderfully contemporary while still possessing a lovely and classic watercolor beauty, using a simple palette of blue for a stellar effect. This one of a kind ketubah incorporates the phrase ‘I love you’ in morse code and also features popular Hebrew phrase Ani L’Dodi, V’Dodi Li in its design. This ketubah, also available with Gold Leaf detailing, demonstrates Shell’s growth as an artist, and her ability to take the traditional and timeless and translate it into fresh and surprising designs.

Burst of Nature

Hidden Gem Ketubahs - intext1

A classic design is reinvented in Burst of Nature, from Angela Munitz. True to its name, this ketubah is bursting with intricate, naturally-inspired details, vibrant colors, traditional phrases, and four pastoral vignettes. Stately design blends with many gorgeous embellishments and compelling symbols to celebrate marriage, love, and belonging.

Hidden Gems You Will Treasure

Any of the above ketubahs look as wonderful framed and in the home as they do under the chuppah. Often overlooked for the more popular choice, we are extremely proud of their unique beauty and aesthetic brilliance. If you want your ketubah to stand out, inspire you each time you see it, and be as unique as you and your beloved in marriage, these hidden gems are just the ticket!

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