Ketubah Artists Help You Choose Your Ketubah

Ketubah Artists Help You Choose Your Ketubah - ketubah-ketubah-artists-help-choose-ketubah-1

Ketubah artists’ advice is as unique as their pieces of artwork. Choosing a ketubah can be overwhelming with so many designs! So we’ve continued to ask ketubah artists what their #1 piece of advice to engaged couples is.

Ami Fagin
How the Shopping Experience Has Changed

Ketubah Artists Help You Choose Your Ketubah - unique-amy-fagin-giclee-prints-convivencia-otono-pastel-ketubah-art-1

“The ketubah industry has gone through an explosion of growth in the last 10 years. Online galleries and services have changed the “shopping” experience where a click of the mouse can deliver a personalized ketubah to your door. While this experience makes finding a ketubah “easier” in some respects, the major drawback is that you cannot always guarantee the quality of the material based on the thumbnail.

Ketubah Artists Help You Choose Your Ketubah - handmade-amy-fagin-giclee-prints-convivencia-invierno-pastel-ketubah-jewish-marriage-contracts-1

Beauty, of course is in the eye of the beholder, and beyond this very personal selection for the nature and scope of an individual art composition there are a couple of quality control matters that can eliminate disappointment when the ketubah arrives at your door.

Tip: Be sure to read over the information about the ketubah, and look for quality of paper, limited edition number, artist signature, artist reputation, and body of work.

Questions to Ask Yourself: What kind of reproduction are you purchasing and how does this compare to the price asked for the reproduction? These “smart shopper” questions should help with making a choice of the best value for your investment.”

Ruth Stern Warzecha
Choose A Ketubah You Love

Ruth Stern Warzecha Gold & Silver Embracing Trees - Gold Leaf Green Ketubah For Sale

“I would advise anyone choosing their ketubah to make their decision based on two factors:

  1. Get something because you love it — not because it’s “nice” or your parents or friends think you should choose it.
  2. Get something that you will love long-term — a classic, not something fashionable that you will outgrow or will bore you, eventually.
Ruth Stern Warzecha Papercuts Gefen Papercut Almond Beige Ketubah Designs

Wait a minute. That’s the same advice I give for choosing a spouse!” And we think it’s pretty great advice for choosing both.

Veronique Jonas
Your Ketubah Is Forever

Ketubah Artists Help You Choose Your Ketubah - handmade-veronique-jonas-gold-silver-eternal-love-gold-leaf-multi-ketubah-marriage-contracts-1

“I always tell a couple, “when your wedding day is but a distant memory, your ketubah will remain a tangible reminder of your special day!”

The ketubah is your most important and meaningful wedding purchase. When the big event is over, the party, the flowers, the food, the decor, the clothes, will all become memories. But the Ketubah, displayed in your home, will remain a constant and faithful reminder of that very moment when you joined as a couple under the Chuppah.”

Veronique Jonas Giclée Prints The Fabrics of Our Lives Blue Ketubah Store

Beautiful pieces of advice from the experts! Do you have a question for us regarding your Jewish wedding or your ketubah? Leave it in the comment section below and we’ll be sure to answer!

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