Ketubahs That Glitter Are Gold

Ketubahs That Glitter Are Gold - ketubah-ketubahs-glitter-gold-1

You might remember Smash Mouth’s hit All Star lyrics, “And all that glitters is gold / Only shooting stars break the mold,” and never thought that it could describe Jewish marriage contracts. But we do! Gold is a classic and elegant touch to any wedding, like Rustic Wedding Chic’s 15 Stunning Gold Wedding Ideas, and your ketubah can continue that theme!

Ketubahs That Glitter Are Gold - ketubah-ketubahs-glitter-gold-2

We have 10 ketubahs that have 23K gold leaf detailing in our Gold Leaf Collection and more from other artists. Here we highlight seven ketubahs that match a variety of styles so you can find the perfect ketubah to add shimmer and glitz!

“a humble beginning, arriving at today’s format in being involved in major projects from sea to sea.”

Bring a historical ketubah into the 21st century with beautiful 24K gold leaf detailing.

Ketubahs That Glitter Are Gold - ketubah-ketubahs-glitter-gold-5
Ketubahs That Glitter Are Gold - ketubah-ketubahs-glitter-gold-6

Each ketubah has the Gold Leaf detailing applied by hand with real 23K gold leaf.

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