Letterpress Detailing Now On Your Ketubah

Letterpress techniques have been popular with wedding invitations and save the dates for years, and now your ketubah can have the same unique look. Whether it’s with multiple colors or white on white, the depth & detail will stand out to you and your guests.

A Brief History

Letterpress was originally created around 1440 in an attempt to print flat but they ended up creating a whole new dimension in printing; letterpress and embossing. This technique was in fashion until the 80’s until it was brought back in style in the last ten years, most often in wedding invitations.

Letterpress Detailing Now On Your Ketubah - ketubah-letterpress-now-on-ketubah-2

Letterpress Invitations from Wedding Paper Divas

Letterpress Detailing Now On Your Ketubah - ketubah-letterpress-now-on-ketubah-3

Letterpress Invitations from Wedding Paper Divas

“a humble beginning, arriving at today’s format in being involved in major projects from sea to sea.”

How It’s Done

Depending on the design, individual plates are made for each design and color. Pressure is then applied to the plates into the ketubah paper giving depth to the intricate details of the artwork.

Letterpress is soft to the touch and gives a unique look to your ketubah long after it has been framed. This fresh technique gives a ketubah a modern look bringing your ketubah into the 21st century.

Click for more information and see the entire here Letterpress Collection

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