Most Popular Ketubot of All Time

Most Popular Ketubot of All Time - Yun-and-Daniel-Wedding-June-2018-92

Sasson Papercut By Enya Keshet

In our time as the world’s largest ketubah gallery, we’ve seen many excellent and inspired examples of fine Ketubot that would do justice to any wedding. With such abundance, it’s interesting to see which remain popular—to help you find exactly the one you want, or help inspire your eventual choice.

In no particular order, here are our five most popular Ketubot:

Blue Forest

Most Popular Ketubot of All Time - modern-judith-joseph-giclee-prints-blue-forest-blue-ketubah-jewish-marriage-contracts-1

Blue Forest By Judith Joseph

Blue Forest is a classic ketubah that has been popular for years, and it’s easy to see why. The beautiful design cradles and illuminates the text perfectly, an effect enhanced by the hallowed blue light behind the words, serving to highlight the script and signatures. Beautifully crafted by Judith Joseph, this ketubah has a deep symbolic meaning as well: the leaves of the trees symbolize a chuppah, and the roots depict the depths and strength of well-founded love.

Luna Love Papercut

Enya Keshet Papercuts Luna Love Papercut Beige Ketubah For Sale

Luna Love Papercut By Enya Keshet

Luna Love Papercut is an intricate and geometric design from Enya Keshet with truly breathtaking detail. The ketubah text is encircled by traditional verses and blessings, and an outer circle proclaims the four most important values of marriage. There is even more symbolism in many small flourishes and patterns that invite the eye to make a closer inspection—the beige color has been most popular as it creates a focus on the text

DIY on Arches® Paper

You Do It Yourself DIY on Arches® Paper - Circular Text on Square Background Black/White Ketubah Designs

This ketubah’s lasting popularity is due to the limitless creativity which can be applied to it. If you and your betrothed wish to express yourselves, there is no better medium than the DIY on Arches® Paper to celebrate your union. If you have a favorite artist or talented friend, they will be able to decorate this ketubah with watercolor or acrylic paint, markers, pencils, and many other media to make it personalized and unique.

Cloud 9 Papercut

Enya Keshet Papercuts Cloud 9 Papercut Purple Ketubah Art

Cloud 9 Papercut By Enya Keshet

A timeless, flowing and serene ketubah, the Cloud 9 Papercut by Enya Keshet is simply stunning—its success comes as no surprise. Fine floral elements and fading color impart a glow to the ketubah’s text, or suggest it is floating on the canvas. A perfect union of form and color is a perfect counterpart to your union with your beloved.


Shell Rummel Canvas Evergreen Green Ketubah Art

Evergreen By Shell Rummel

Delicate floral elements make Shell Rummel’s Evergreen an excellent choice and a lovely addition wherever it will be displayed. There is more symbolism than meets the eye: a circle of evergreen leaves symbolizes both the cycle of life and the strength of love that does not fade with the seasons, but endures and thrives. Neutral and natural, it’s topped by a lovely verse that epitomizes the gift of love.

A Fine Tradition

It is our pleasure to provide fine ketubot, and we’re always interested in seeing which ones capture the interest of our customers. Our artists are among the very best in the world, and we are very proud to offer their work, as they continue to breathe new life into traditional designs and elements.

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