The New Month of Elul and What It Means.

The New Month of Elul and What It Means - ketubah-new-month-elul-meaning-1

Any new Jewish month (a lunar month) has special prayers such as Hallelespecially for weddings. Traditionally a bride and groom are to fast on their wedding day. However, there is an exception: Rosh Chodesh. And this month’s new month of Elul, has a lot of meaningful significance in Judaism.

Our Social Media Manager, Aliyah, is getting married September 4th, and will be writing about her experience as a customer! Follow along as she shares her real life experiences and what it’s like being on  the other side. It was very funny when she didn’t even realize the significance of the wedding date she and her fiance chose.

“Being a Torontonian transplant in New York engaged to a New Yorker, I knew I wanted a wedding date on a long weekend for both Canadians and Americans. I wanted friends and family, from all over, to enjoy the wedding completely and not have to necessarily rush back to New York on a 6AM flight or leave the wedding early. We wanted people to dance the night away! So the Sunday of Labor Day weekend was the perfect choice.

After we got engaged we went over to Michael’s sister’s to share in the joy with his nephews, ages 5 and 3, and his 9 year old niece, Lindsay. As Lindsay was writing the September 4th wedding date into the calendar she said, “that’s Rosh Chodesh Elul!” We had no idea! I knew immediately that that meant we wouldn’t have to fast, as some couples customarily do. Michael pointed out that many say that Elul אלול stands for “Ani L’Dodi V’Dodi Li” ״אני לדודי ודודי לי״ which means “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine.” In a single moment I knew would be using that phrase throughout the wedding.

This phrase is very popular within Jewish (and non-Jewish) weddings. Personally, I appreciate not only how romantic it is, but that is one of equality between both partners. We knew we wanted to do a papercut since it seems to be have become a family tradition.

The New Month of Elul and What It Means - ketubah-new-month-elul-meaning-4

Aliyah’s three brother’s Bar Mitzvah invitations

My 3 brothers had papercuts for their Bar Mitzvahs, Michael had one for his and his sister Jamie had one! I mean, how could we not?? For inspiration I looked no further than the company I work for – Ketubahs! One my favorite ketubahs carries is Enya Keshet’s “Holding Hands Papercut Ketubah” which includes the phrase within the papercut. We decided to commission Keshet to design a papercut for the front of our wedding invitation with a monogram my talented sister created for us. The combination is breathtaking and the compliments have yet to cease from near and far.”

The New Month of Elul and What It Means - ketubah-new-month-elul-meaning-5
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