Our DIY Ketubah & Why Artists Love Them

Our DIY Ketubah & Why Artists Love Them - DIY-hero

DIY Ketubah: KicksBySammy

While we offer customization options for many ketubahs, there are almost no limits when it comes to the ever-popular DIY ketubah. When couples select one of our 8 DIY ketubah templates, they’re choosing the ultimate in customization: a blank canvas where their identity can be fully expressed. These couples then receive a beautiful and one of a kind ketubah that can incorporate just about any element or style they desire.

Unsurprisingly, DIY ketubahs are also popular with artists. Quite often, couples request their DIY ketubah be completed by an artist they know personally—it’s not unusual for that artist to be family or a close friend, making the final product even more meaningful.

Artists We Love

Over the years, we’ve seen many wonderful examples from talented artists who have expressed their style on our ketubahs. We’d like to share five outstanding artists who have graced our templates (and the walls of newlyweds) with their work:

Art by @Lauren.Ashley.Art

Our DIY Ketubah & Why Artists Love Them - lauren-ashley

@Lauren.Ashley.Art creates lovely custom ketubahs using emphatic brushstrokes and cool, stormy hues paired with gold and silver leaf. We find the overall effect to be equal parts chaotic and spellbinding.

“I really enjoy working with the DIY ketubahs from ketubah.com. The ketubah text comes printed on beautiful, high-quality Arches paper that makes it easy to paint on with the different mediums I use – from acrylic paint, watercolours, and gold and silver leaf.” – @Lauren.Ashley.Art

Art by @Amytularosa

Our DIY Ketubah & Why Artists Love Them - amytularosa

Using watercolor paint and naturally-derived inspiration, @amytularosa creates amazing ketubah art that represents the married with floral elements from their respective backgrounds. Her art is subtle, soft-spoken, and naturally gorgeous!

“It’s a collaboration of visions between me and the couple. I ask the couple to tell me the first 10 words that come to them that describe their partner and then go from there.” -@amytularosa

Art by @Meganewatters

Our DIY Ketubah & Why Artists Love Them - meganewatters

@Meganewatters has crafted lovely and ephemeral ketubahs, using various forms and paints to create splendid designs that wrap around and elevate the text, incorporating and blending abstract and representational designs with wonderful color.

Art by @Kicksbysammy

As her Instagram handle suggests, @kicksbysammy started out customizing shoes and branched out to accessories and clothing. Her energetic pop art style soon found its way onto ketubahs, using doodles of traditional Hebrew as well as personal symbols to celebrate the wedded couple!

“We always love exploring new canvases to put our artwork on. We realized that the modern, young bride is in search of something fresh and fun, but also wants to uphold the traditional Jewish values/icons for their wedding.” – @kicksbysammy

Art by @Mayimarts

Our DIY Ketubah & Why Artists Love Them - mayimarts

@Mayimarts infuses her divine watercolor ketubah art with fresh botanical and floral elements, and combines those with vibrant natural colors. The combination creates some inspiring and invigorating results!

“I like to work in vibrant colors and soft tones. I love working on a DIY Ketubah because it provides a structure for my creativity. It also sets me up for success every step of the way.” – Ali at @mayimarts

A Timeless Canvas

For many artists, adding the ketubah text could add a lot of time to their project, and they may not know how to write Hebrew, making the DIY ketubah a great starting point that saves them time and allows them to focus on blending their creativity with the elements a couple wishes to add.

There’s two things to keep in mind if you choose the DIY route for your ketubah. First, if you’re planning on personalizing the text, make sure to review it closely with your rabbi to ensure all details (such as the Hebrew date, and names) are correct. Second, please keep in mind that we only ship two copies of ketubahs when they include personalized text, so there’s always a backup copy. Unpersonalized ketubahs are shipped singly.

There’s nothing quite like it—a customized DIY ketubah is a flexible canvas where your wedding can be celebrated and commemorated by an artist you admire and love, making the resulting ketubah that much more intimate, meaningful, and cherishable.

Find your perfect DIY ketubah today!

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