Ruth Becker’s Search for Sublimity

In our quest to find the world’s best ketubah art and artists, we have met many inspiring and talented creators and are pleased to offer you their work. Prominent among these talented individuals is Ruth Becker, a self-taught artist whose intricate, precise, and delightful ketubah art pursues the sublime possibilities of geometry and natural shapes. Over 25 years Ruth has built an incredible body of exceptional work, including many remarkable ketubahs, which we want to celebrate.


Ruth Becker’s Search for Sublimity - ruth-mineral-new

Though Ruth is best known for her papercut art, she has also recently begun crafting many fine print ketubahs. Among these, Mineral stands out as an example of simple, gorgeous, geometric beauty. Inspired by nature and featuring a cool and calm color palette, this ketubah celebrates the solidity and lasting strength of love.

Rhapsody Papercut

Ruth Becker’s Search for Sublimity - ruth-rhapsody-new

Using only lines and circles overlaid on a background of cool blue, Ruth captures the bubbly effusiveness of affection in Rhapsody. This ketubah calls to mind natural forms waving in the wind: mesmerizing and slightly chaotic, like the forces of life and love. The profusion of intricate detail is both complex and clean, demonstrating the discipline required for fine papercut art.


Ruth Becker’s Search for Sublimity - ruth-fusion-new

In Fusion, Ruth continues her exploration of simple, yet meaningful geometries explored in the medium of print ketubah art. Using the circular motif of atomic orbits and a serene palette, this stunning ketubah alludes to the bonds created by love and established in marriage—the simplicity and elemental power of every fusion of lives.

Verve Papercut

Ruth Becker’s Search for Sublimity - ruth-verve-new

Ruth combines complexity and singularity in the wonderful Verve. A convergence of delicate lines suggest rays of sunshine while highlighting the ketubah text. On a neutral background, this ketubah is reserved and inviting; on blue it is stunning and expressive—with either background, the texture and form of the papercut art elevates this ketubah as a perfect celebration of unity and purpose.

Calligraphy 18 Layer Papercut Luxe

Ruth Becker’s Search for Sublimity - ruth-calligraphy-new

One of Ruth’s greatest strengths in papercut art is the use of layered sheets to create depth and texture. In Calligraphy, a magnum opus, she demonstrates the full extent of her ability with the papercut medium. Calligraphic strokes ring the ketubah text, celebrating and highlighting it. Subtlety and simplicity provide a wonderful strength, reinforced by each of the 18 layers inspired by the oblique, swirling pen strokes of Hebrew calligraphy.

Power in Precision

Papercut design is a challenging medium that Ruth has explored in many interesting and astounding ways. Central to her work in papercut and print is an exact pursuit of the sublime nature of geometry, as seen through the lens of human emotion—this approach creates works of fine ketubah art in print and papercut that blend simplicity and complexity into expressive designs. We look forward to witnessing how Ruth’s work continues to evolve and what mediums she will pursue, and we are proud to offer some of her greatest works to help you cement, record and celebrate your love.

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