Top 10 Ketubahs of 2016

Top 10 Ketubahs of 2016 - ketubah-top-10-ketubahs-2016-1

2016 has been quite the year but no matter what happens, Jewish weddings never stop and  neither do we. We’ve sold a record breaking number of ketubahs with elegant, classic designs for you as a precious wedding keepsake . Here are the  top 10 ketubahs of 2016 bought by you!


Top 10 Ketubahs of 2016 - ketubah-top-10-ketubahs-2016-2

Michelle Rummel’s ketubahs are always top sellers and 2016 was no exception. But for the first time I Carry Your Heart II Ketubah has made our top 10 list. Trees are always a popular choice of  design for the start of a couple’s new life together, continuing what the roots have started.


Top 10 Ketubahs of 2016 - best-enya-keshet-giclee-prints-round-micrographic-song-of-songs-blue-ketubah-toronto-1

Just a few years ago we started carrying the work of the ever talented Enya Keshet. Clearly it was one of our better  decisions. Her ketubahs have become so popular on we love adding more and more designs from her all the time. Her Round Micrographic Song of Songs Ketubah is our number 9 top seller but it wasn’t the only one of her ketubahs to make our top 10!


Susanne McGinnis Giclée Prints Supernova Confetti Multi Ketubah Toronto

This ketubah always brings a burst of brightness to any chuppah and every home it’s displayed in, which is why it’s no surprise Supernova Confetti Ketubah is on our top ten list this year.


Top 10 Ketubahs of 2016 - ketubah-top-10-ketubahs-2016-5

DIY on Arches® Paper – Circular Text on Square Background Ketubah has endless possibilities which is why it was one of our most popular ones sold this year. Here are some examples of what couples and artists have collaborated on using our DIY ketubahs. We love the results!


Top 10 Ketubahs of 2016 - ketubah-top-10-ketubahs-2016-6

Infinity of Love Lapis Blue Ketubah not only made our top ten selling ketubahs, but was also our most pinned ketubah on Pinterest this year and it is easy to see why!


Top 10 Ketubahs of 2016 - ketubah-top-10-ketubahs-2016-7

The Blue Forest Ketubah has been a classic choice and it makes it to our  10 once again at #5.


Top 10 Ketubahs of 2016 - ketubah-top-10-ketubahs-2016-8

In an unusual twist, a ketubah design made our list twice in two different colorsSasson Papercut in Sand Weave Ketubah is in our number four slot. Can you guess which color topped it?


Jessica Kraft Giclée Prints Four Seasons With Trees (Kraft) Multi Ketubah Jewish Wedding

Four Seasons (Kraft) Ketubah was #1 for 2015, although it was bumped it still makes the list every year and 2016 was no exception!


Top 10 Ketubahs of 2016 - ketubah-top-10-ketubahs-2016-10

Sasson Papercut in Blue Ketubah takes second place, just slightly more popular than it’s Sand Weave sister. We love the way the bright colors of Blue and Violet add depth and texture to this papercut and helped it nudge ahead.

And our number 1 selling ketubah of 2016 is the Love Papercut Raw Silk Ketubah

Top 10 Ketubahs of 2016 - ketubah-top-10-ketubahs-2016-blog
Enya Keshet Papercuts Love Papercut Beige Ketubah Jewish Wedding

Enya Keshet’s designs dominated our top selling ketubahs this year and we couldn’t be more proud. Her intricate and sophisticated papercut detail have wowed our customers this past year.

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