Top Ketubahs of 2019

Top Ketubahs of 2019 - IMG_3891-1

Ketubah: Luna Love Papercut | Photography: Entwined Studio

Each year we take a look back at our most popular ketubahs to see what struck a chord with our audience, and who created it. We’re always interested to see which artists and what styles you loved. It’s a blessing to offer you such a wonderful selection, let’s see which ketubahs stood out this year:

Luna Love Papercut

Top Ketubahs of 2019 - DS2A9259

Enya Keshet has been a prominent artist on our top ketubah lists for years now, and with work like the beige Luna Love Papercut – Sand Weave, it’s easy to see why. The detail on this many-ringed papercut is truly impressive, with striking geometry and significant quotes from the Sheva Brachot and Song of Songs encircling the text. Luna Love Papercut Arctica has the same design features as the Sand Weave, again showcasing beautiful persian flowers with curving, pointed leaves, like the young moon; but in a beautiful pastel color.

Love Papercut

Top Ketubahs of 2019 - order-enya-keshet-papercuts-love-papercut-purple-ketubah-toronto-2

Esteemed artist Enya Keshet also created our second most popular ketubah of 2019. The Love Papercut on Washi Paper captured the eyes and hearts of many, with a many-ringed design (we are seeing a pattern here) surrounding the text. In the four corners, LOVE is spelled in Hebrew, adorned by wheat, and that’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg when it comes to symbolic and meaningful details.

Tree of Life

Top Ketubahs of 2019 - Screenshot-2019-12-02-at-8.01.18-PM

Nava Shoham is no stranger to our best-of lists. Her gorgeous Tree of Life was our third most popular ketubah, and it’s a great example of clean design with elegant symbols in lively colors for an astonishing effect. Until you’ve seen it in person, it’s hard to get a good sense—that must be why so many chose it this year.


Top Ketubahs of 2019 - webTheGreatHallWedding-508

Shell Rummel’s work attracts lots of attention, and this year is no exception. Evergreen is an elegant ketubah with a cool palette of colors and subtle design celebrating love’s resilience to hold its color through the seasons, much as the evergreen circle which rings the ketubah text.

Full Moon Papercut

Top Ketubahs of 2019 - order-enya-keshet-papercuts-full-moon-papercut-blue-ketubah-designs-2

Speaking of circular designs, Enya Keshet’s Full Moon Papercut, specifically on an Indigo background, was our 5th most popular ketubah of 2019. The moon, so central to the passing of time and marking the months of the year, is a glorious (and circular) symbol for love. Each month the new moon is referred to as Rosh Chodesh in Hebrew. Since our calendar is lunar, these are considered particularly special, even holy days. If your wedding is on Rosh Chodesh, you do not have to fast as is usually customary for your wedding.

Circle Dance

Top Ketubahs of 2019 - custom-ruth-stern-warzecha-gold-silver-circle-dance-gold-leaf-yellow-ketubah-designs-1

Ruth Stern Warzecha’s Circle Dance was our sixth most popular design, and neatly continues this year’s theme of ringed and circular designs being popular. Quoting a vow from Hosea in an elegant papercut design with gold metallic paper as the bottom layer, the ketubah text is gloriously spare and shows the strength of simplicity.

Year of the Rings

So far as we can see, 2019 was a great year for circular ketubah and ringed elements. The symbolism and perfection of circles and rings, and their stunning simplicity and pleasing roundness certainly spoke to many of our customers. We’re just happy to say that we had the honor of offering such wonderful ketubahs from amazing artists.

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