3 Ways To Honor Loved Ones No Longer With You

3 Ways To Honor Loved Ones No Longer With You - ketubah-ways-remember-love-1

Getting married is a time to celebrate your love with those who love you both. But what do you do when some of those special people are no longer with you? We found these exceptional ways to remember and honor those that have passed, so you can feel their presence on your wedding day.

1. Love From Above

3 Ways To Honor Loved Ones No Longer With You - ketubah-ways-remember-love-2

Many couples use their grandfather’s tallit, the prayer shawl (traditionally worn by men, but today many women choose to wear) to drape their chuppah. This is a meaningful way of having those that have passed present on your day, literally watching over you as you take this next step in life.

Sarena, a fashion stylist, and Yehuda got married under her mother’s father’s tallit. “It was extra special for me to get married under my late Saba’s tallit because all of my sisters had done so before me. As the last grandchild getting married it was especially emotional to be able to continue the tradition.”

2. Carry Them With You

Pinterest often inspires but how often does it turn into a reality? AliyahKetubah.com‘s social media manager, saw this idea on Pinterest and brought it to life for her wedding. She purchased the pendants from Etsy’s Perfect Pendants Plus and chose wedding photos for the all the grandparents that could not be physically present for their wedding day, but carrying them with her made her sure that they were there in spirit.

Today, the pendants are displayed by her Shabbat candles which she lights every Friday night.

3. Show Your Roots

Ali, who shares her cooking on Instagram, and Jacob had their loved ones at their wedding day in multiple ways!

3 Ways To Honor Loved Ones No Longer With You - ketubah-ways-remember-love-7

The photos of both sides of their family were displayed at the place card table. This was the ideal location so all the guests could see and admire the photos as they entered the wedding.

Ali’s grandma walked down the aisle to the song her husband used to sing to her. Try not to cry as you read that.

3 Ways To Honor Loved Ones No Longer With You - ketubah-ways-remember-love-8

Another beautiful way many remember their beloved grandparents is by passing down their wedding rings. Ali was thinking of her grandmother on the day of their wedding, and everyday, as she wears her grandmother’s ring.

Did you do a DIY or have another way to remember loved ones on your wedding day? Share yours with us here or on Facebook

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