Wedding Invitations That Match Your Ketubah

Michelle Rummel’s ketubahs have been among our most popular ketubahs for the past 19 years and now she brings us her invitation collection. The invitations infuse the same beauty and watercolors that couples love.

It’s amazing when you finally decide on a ketubah to use for your wedding. Then you realize that you’ve fallen so in love with it, that you wish you could use it in more than one way. Or maybe it’s been the reverse for you; you found your invitation design and can’t find ways to have the theme continue throughout your wedding. Now you can! Without breaking your wallet. This Sandstone Ketubah is also available as a papercut in Warm Ivory or Soft Grey!

Wedding Invitations That Match Your Ketubah - ketubah-wedding-invitations-match-ketubah-2

“When I was designing the invitations I absolutely had the ketubah collection in mind,” Rummel says. The invitation line is exclusively with Carlson Craft, where she also sells Bar and Bat Mitzvah invitations as well.

“The invitations infuse the same beauty and watercolors that couples love.”

Gustav Klimt has been an inspiration for Rummel and couples alike.  The All My Love Ketubah is available with Gold Leaf detailing in the ketubah to add an extra sparkle! To see Rummel’s entire ketubah collection click here.

Infinity of Love Ketubah has always been popular with couples and now you can start off the design elements when your guests first get your invitation.

Shell Rummel Giclée Prints Infinity of Love Blue Green Blue/Green Ketubah Store
Wedding Invitations That Match Your Ketubah - ShellRummelInfinityofLoveweddinginvitation
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