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Helping You Navigate

We understand that due to these unprecedented circumstances many weddings have been postponed or scheduled for later in the year. We want to help. We are offering to reprint your ketubah free of charge with revised dates if required, we are having our first sale ever, we are offering rush ketubahs, and one-to-one meetings to help guide you through your best options. And as always, we are still delivering ketubahs with unparalleled customer service.

We Now Have Gift Cards

We listened to you – and you can now support a couple with their Jewish wedding ceremony. Be it a traditional ceremony or a safe home wedding; by getting a gift card you are giving the lucky couple a choice of over 500 ketubahs!

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100$ Gift Card


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300$ Gift Card


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600$ Gift Card


Our First Sale Ever

We have discounted some of our bestselling ketubahs for a limited time only. From our glorious layered collection to our beautiful papercuts; we have lowered pricing by up to $200 on select ketubahs across our ranges. We think this is the perfect time to plan your wedding and we’re here to help.

Rush Ketubahs

For those of our customers who require a rush Ketubah, we have gathered a collection of fantastic products that we can turn around in one day! So if you or someone you know is going ahead with a wedding virtually or one with a limited number of guests, these are the perfect Ketubahs for you.

Free Reprint

If your special day was postponed due to the pandemic, we are offering to reprint your ketubah free of charge with revised dates if required. We can also hold your ketubah until the date is set and ship in advance.

Free Ketubah Consultation

If you require further information on our covid initiatives or would like to find out more about our ketubah services, you can schedule a 15 minute private consultation with one of our ketubah experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most definitely! In order for us to get a new ketubah to you in time for your wedding we will simply need the new wedding date confirmed 15 business days before the wedding. And we will waive the usual $50 reprint fee. We just ask that you cover the necessary shipping charges. Note – Please do not discard your ketubah before speaking to a representative. Some elements of the Ketubah can be utilized again and this will make the process of replacing your ketubah more efficient. Our contact details are at the bottom of this page.

Please contact us and let us know. We can put your order on hold until you have confirmed a new wedding date.

No problem – You can request this upon checkout in the Order Notes section. Tip: Just be sure to not order one of the few designs where name fill in is required. (Canvas, Washi, Luxe and Designs with white text)

We understand things are changing on a daily basis and you may want your ketubah shipped out soon. We urge you to stay patient and wait until your wedding date is set in stone before requesting your reprint to be shipped. You can trust us to deliver your ketubah in advance of your special day.

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