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Do It Yourself

Can’t seem to find the perfect ketubah for your wedding?! These ketubahs allow the artist to paint freely and saves them the pressure of doing calligraphy or worrying about the accuracy of the text as we print the text for you.

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A blank space for you to design.

We offer many different DIY Ketubahs. Circular text on a square background, rectangular text on a vertical background, even one in an arch shaped text and so many more. Have an artist you love, a friend or family member you know design the artwork around the text. Or you can order a digital one to add graphics and print it yourself.

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  • Create your own one of a kind ketubah
  • Let the artist do the art and leave the text to us
  • Order “standard text + names” and get a rough draft proof for the artist
  • Digital DIY’s allow you to print on any medium

Ketubah’s Top Sellers

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You’re an Original

Our DIY ketubahs come in four different sizes. The text remains the same size on all of the sizes allowing more design area when needed. Arches® paper has remained the most preferred paper for creative arts since 1492 and therefore is our choice for creating our DIY ketubahs. The paper is wonderful to work with and can be illuminated with almost any media, including watercolor, acrylic, gouache, marker and colored pencils.

A unique Ketubah for a unique couple.


By giving a blank canvas to a family member, artist or friend to design you are sure to have a truly original Ketubah that no one else has, or ever will. We provide two copies on Ketubahs that include printed details so that the designer can make sure they create the perfect Ketubah.


Many artists create sleek and chic designs with our DIY Ketubahs. Occasionally a couple may choose not to surround the text with any art, giving a modern and simple feel to their ketubah.


Using watercolor, acrylic or even graphic design art, to surround your ketubah text means the ketubah is 100% unique to you as a couple. No two DIY Ketubahs are the same.

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