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Japanese Washi Paper

The ketubahs in this collection are exquisite! The delicate Japanese Washi paper is embedded with silk threads within the paper giving it authentic oriental quality and style. The texture this creates is incredibly fine and crystalline, giving the artwork a speciality and gentle appearance.

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A Subtle Texture With a Not So Subtle Look

Washi paper is stronger and more durable than most ordinary paper. Made from Japanese trees and other natural fibers, washi paper has a distinctive texture and character. It has been 1400 years since the craft began and the Japanese continue to produce papers of exceptional quality and infinite variety, both hand and machinemade.

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  • Elegant silk fibers add uniqueness to the design
  • Personalization included on all washi paper ketubahs
  • Perfect choice for a sophisticated yet classic ketubah

Ketubah’s Top Sellers

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Handmade paper for a long lasting Ketubah

The versatility of washi paper makes it a popular choice of ketubah artists to use as an underlay for a papercut, a base for a painting or to showcase simple yet striking calligraphy. This gorgeous collection has something for everyone, which is why our Japanese Washi Paper ketubah collection is one of our most popular!

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A unique Ketubah for a unique couple.


These Japanese Washi Paper ketubahs have silk threads embedded within the paper giving it a textured finish you can feel and see even after its been framed.


The Washi Paper gives a modern and contemporary appearance to any ketubah, from a papercut to a giclee print.


Although washi paper appears to be delicate and fragile it is actually incredibly resilient. Many don’t realize how strong, long-lasting and sustainable it really is. A ketubah that will truly last forever.

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