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Letterpress was originally created around 1440. Attempting to print flat on paper, printers stumbled upon the unique effect of letterpress and embossing. This very error of impression became the most beautiful and valued feature of letterpress, which made it desirable. It sadly went out of style in the 80's and 90's due to computer technology, but couples have returned to this classic detailing for their most special and personal keepsake prints.

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The Printers Greatest Mistake

Plates are made according to the design of the Ketubah and for each color. Each plate is then applied with pressure against our 100% cotton, acid free, pH-neutral paper, making it the ideal material to apply this method. The more pressure that is applied, the more pronounced the impression of the design. The press is delicately operated by hand so that the proper amount of time is taken for each letterpress Ketubah print to be of the highest quality.

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  • Quality handcrafted letterpressed designs
  • Beautiful embossed texture
  • Traditional craftsmanship and artisanship

Ketubah’s Top Sellers

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Everything old is new again

Letterpress Ketubahs rejuvenate the design elements of the artwork by creating depth to the design. The impression gives the Ketubah a unique style that ketubah.com has become known for. The final letterpress effect is one that you, and everyone who sees it, will appreciate for years to come.

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A unique Ketubah for a unique couple.


The look and feel of Letterpressed art transcends all time or popular trends as it uses a classic and timeless method of printing.


The Letterpress technique creates depth within the print and a fine texture you can feel and see.


Each sheet of artisan paper is hand-fed through the press, and the metal plate of the press is secured and pressed by hand one at a time to ensure that all the details are perfect.

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