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Papercutting has been a traditional Jewish art form for Ketubah decoration since the Middle Ages. Thanks to advances in artisanal laser cutting in the late 20th century, these exquisite pieces of fine art are now within everyone's budget. Papercut Ketubahs are lovingly produced, one at a time, to archival standards.

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A Timeless Tradition Arrives in the 21st Century

For something extra special, consider our exclusive personalized papercut ketubahs. These papercuts feature your names and wedding date cut right into the design. If desired, there is even an option to lasercut a favorite phrase. Any papercut ketubah can have a personalized text, but only Personalized Papercut ketubahs have your name and wedding date tastefully incorporated into the design itself.

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  • Sophisticated and Intricate detail
  • Eye catching pieces of art
  • Modern and traditional styles

Ketubah’s Top Sellers

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A Papercut Ketubah That Truly Glistens

Papercut ketubahs have dramatically grown in popularity over the past few years. The designs are more delicate and intricate than ever before. For an alternative look select one of our papercuts with multiple layers or a design with hand applied gold leaf.

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A unique ketubah for a unique couple.


Fine layers of paper are intricately laser cut one at a time making each ketubah fragile and delicate. Once completed every ketubah is carefully placed into a protective plastic sleeve and should be handled with care upon receiving it.


In order to capture all the sophisticated details each papercut ketubah must be cut with precision. From pomegranates and flowers, to the couple’s names and wedding date cut right into the design our papercut ketubahs are sure to impress.


Our papercut ketubahs are one of our most popular, classic and elegant choices. Different designs have various color options that pop through the papercuts for a lavish and gorgeous finish.

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