Happily Ever After

Beautiful wedding photography at a private home in Sacramento, CA. Photo: © Diana Miller Photography

Every now and then we receive a picture from a happy customer and we instantly know there is a special story behind these newlyweds. This past month we were inspired and touched by a story shared by Marcy, who recently married her high school sweetheart after half a century of being apart. Given these trying times, we wanted to share their amazing story and hopefully lift up some heavy hearts.

Young Love

Marcy’s family moved to Hawaii in 1938, while Paul was born there. When the Pearl Harbor attack happened, Marcy was evacuated, then returned shortly after. Paul and Marcy’s love story began in high school, where they first met and then dated in senior year. The couple also attended the prom together, a memory that both cherish dearly. As high-school boyfriends go, Marcy knew deep down that she had something special and always kept fond memories of her teenage sweetheart.

After high school, however, they went their separate ways. Marcy left to attend Stanford and married a law student. They moved to Sacramento in 1955. Paul left to attend the Coast Guard Academy in Connecticut, married after graduating and went on to get an MBA from Stanford Business School. They never keep in touch over the years and knew nothing about each other’s lives.

Their high school has a host of graduates who live off the island so they often got together for class reunions. Both Paul and Marcy had ample opportunities to cross paths at these gatherings but neither ever attended as their spouses were never keen on visiting these events.

Life’s Rollercoaster

In 2018, when Paul’s wife sadly passed away after her battle with a lengthy illness, he was connected with Marcy through a mutual friend. Her husband had also fought a lengthy battle before passing, so she was well equipped to talk Paul through his grief. Amidst long conversations, they became dependent on each other for support and almost 60 years later they realized that their teenage fondness for one another was still alive.

“My mom is giddy as a teenager.”

Mutual support soon turned to love. Marcy recalls her eldest son comparing her to a giddy teenager, probably the same one that fell head over heels for Paul in high -school. The couple spent time in Hawaii together and reminisced on the past, felt they belonged together, and realized they wanted to get married.

The Wedding & Ketubah

Both knew that they were going to spend the rest of their lives together and the adorable couple decided to remarry. They wanted to honor the history of their lives, and all the forces which had shaped them. Marcy jokes that their very different interests would have meant they’d never have been able to connect over JDate! She is an artist and painter, and Paul is a golfer who loves sailing.

Inspired by a news story where they heard about the growing problem of loneliness, Paul and Marcy decided on a traditional marriage and religious declaration of love which would set a good example for their grandchildren.

“After years of marriage to remarkable people, it was sobering to think of actually marrying again.”

As Marcy looked through Ketubah.com, she felt that the hearts and flowers designs were “too young”, and liked the Tree of Life styles, but paused when she came to the 18 layer ketubot.

Attachment 18 Layer Papercut Luxe

She made a small list and showed Paul, who quickly chose Ruth Becker’s Attachment. It appealed to her, too, due to its symbolism of the completeness and wholeness of life, and also its simplicity and clarity of design. Great eye, Marcy!

“We comment daily now on how wise we were not to put it off… Paul and I are incredibly lucky people.”

Truly Bashert

We have a word for this kind of love: bashert, or ‘fated’. Paul and Marcy, lucky in their love, and happy together, certainly fit the description. In uncertain times, their story is certainly an inspiration to not give in to hopelessness or loneliness.

“Paul was my first love, and now we are each other’s last love.”