Introducing Our Luxe Wood Collection

Our most intricate and unique collection to date!

By Ari Cohen

Our team at is constantly searching for ways to make Ketubahs that are unique to you. Your wedding is the blossoming start of a new chapter in your lives, but it’s also the continuation of something ancient, an extension of nature. Your love is more than the uncertainty of new first date: it’s the beauty of a timeless romance. With our newest Ketubah collection, we’ve brought you exclusive new designs befitting that connection.

Our Luxe Wood Ketubahs are the most imaginative and unique designs we have created to date. Using water-based staining and layered pieces of Birch wood, these designs all have a unique, ancient, tactile property which sets them apart from any of the hundreds of other Ketubahs you may find, while made from sustainable materials. The result is a collection of beautiful Ketubahs with a timeless look and feel.

Mandala – Luxe Wood

Mandala – Luxe Wood Ketubah

The Mandala is an idealized geometric shape, featuring complex patterns which appear simple at a glance. While love can spring forth from small things, it is the deeper connections that keep your union unique. It symbolizes a spiritual journey, beginning outside and working its way into the center.

Star Of David – Luxe Wood

Star of David – Luxe Wood Ketubah

The eternal protective symbolism of Judaism, the Star of David is an ancient symbol of the Jewish people. Immortalized in multi-layered, gorgeously stained wood, this ancient icon acts as a blessing of protection over you and your new home with your beloved.

Sunflower – Luxe Wood

Sunflower – Luxe Wood Ketubah

Intricately crafted with a connected honeycomb pattern, this design is inspired by nature. The blossoming sunflower is representative of your blossoming union, while honeycombs are symbolic of harmony in nature across many cultures. This design features five layered pieces, putting it literally a cut above the rest of our designs.

These designs are all currently available for pre-order, after which we’ll be able to produce and distribute them as soon as they’re ready. Order yours today to get the perfect fall/winter Ketubah!