Ketubah trends to look out for in 2020

Luna Love Papercut Ketubah Art by Enya Keshet
Luna Love Papercut by Enya Keshet

We’re always keeping our eyes out for exciting new trends in ketubah art, as well as important developments in business and culture. We are noticing some interesting trends for 2020, so let’s take a look ahead to the styles, colors, and trends to expect this year!


Katagami Washi Paper Ketubah Designs by Temma Gentles
Katagami Washi Paper By Temma Gentles

News from around the world has woken many to the fact that we all have to do our part for the earth, and is no exception! In the past year we switched our office to Bullfrog power to lower our carbon footprint and ensure we’re using primarily renewable energy. As our work includes lots of paper, it’s a no-brainer to recycle as much of it as possible!

For eco-conscious couples looking to lower the impact of their ketubah, Japanese Washi paper is a great option. Washi paper is made with fibres from Kozo mulberry bushes so it doesn’t contribute to deforestation or unsustainable practices. We offer many designs with Washi paper, but one of our favourites is Katagami Washi Paper by Emma Gentles.


Sapphire Rose Ketubah Jewish Marriage Contracts by Ruth Mergi
Sapphire Rose by Ruth Becker

Crystals are very popular as both a visually-appealing element, and also due to a belief that they can affect the energy in your life. Either way, crystals make for inspired and gorgeous ketubah choices, and their geometric beauty is evident in such pieces as Mineral and Sapphire Rose.

3D Embroidery

Spring Bloom Embroidered Ketubah Store by Britt Yudell
Spring Bloom Embroidered by Britt Yudell

Artist Britt Yudell is a forerunner of this style, and we worked closely with her to be able to provide print ketubahs that provide all the detail—down to each stitch—of embroidery in a print version. Britt’s unique Spring Bloom ketubah is a great example of the subtle detail possible through embroidery.

Bold Colors

Starburst Ketubah Marriage Contracts by Susanne McGinnis
Starburst by Susanne McGinnis

Harper’s Bazaar has predicted that using bold colors will be key in 2020, as they are eye-catching, inviting, and intriguing. Choosing a bold and bright hue makes for an attractive ketubah, as demonstrated by Circle Dance and Starburst.

Pastel Hues

Eternity Celadon Vertical by Shell Rummel

If bold hues are just a bit too much, or you’re planning to blend your ketubah into your home decor, pastels are always an excellent and visually attractive choice. From Neo Mint to Millennial Pink, expect to see more pastel options this year. Options like the Luna Love Papercut, Eternity Caledon, or Full Moon Papercut provide sharp design with subtle and pleasing colors.

The Year Ahead

We feel 2020 is going to be an interesting year for developments in ketubah art. As always, we’re dedicated to offering as much of it to you as we possibly can. Advances in sustainability ensure that we can all do our part for the earth, and emerging trends in visual styles mean more options than ever!

We’re excited to see how 2020 can exceed our expectations! Our selections continue to grow each year, as do our relationships with the best ketubah artists around the world, so we’re looking forward to offering you the most beautiful, exciting, and cherishable ketubahs in 2020.

**Also stay tuned to Smashing The Glass for their upcoming post, due February 4th, which dives further into some of the trends highlighted above, while also illustrating some beautiful shots of Ketubahs captured during the big day.