Layered and Luxe: High End Ketubahs

Sasson Papercut Luxe

Compared to last year, the landscape of weddings has changed considerably. It’s definitely a different world out there right now! The main theme we’re seeing (aside from rescheduling or postponing) is a trend in downsizing weddings, though depending on which state and country you are getting married in, the legal guest limit may vary.

Downsizing is logical: fewer guests, fewer risks. It’s one way of dealing with the new reality, and it frees up wedding budgets for other uses, such as hiring skillful photographers and videographers to capture the flow of moments and iconic pictures that will never fail to bring you back to your happy day.

After downsizing, it’s also easier to choose a higher-end ketubah to express your union, and honor this tradition, something that will commemorate your wedding and be your first shared artwork as a married couple. We suggest two stunning styles: layered and luxe.

Layered Ketubahs

Supernova Confetti - Layered Ketubah Jewish Wedding by Susanne McGinnis
Supernova Confetti – Layered

Layered ketubahs break out of their 2 dimensional origins to make a unique and elegant impression. Four separate copies of the artwork are precision cut, then spaced with foam boards and attached with a special adhesive that won’t discolor or damage the artwork. The text is always on the bottom layer, so signing is easy and safe!

For example, Susanne McGinnis’ startling Supernova Confetti takes on a different appeal when it is created as a layered ketubah—bold colors and abstract forms encircling and rising around the central text as if to celebrate and highlight it.

Less abstract, but similar, is Jessica Kraft’s Four Seasons, a joyous explosion of color made somehow bolder when layered. Dafna Jalon’s Loving Connections takes the time-honored symbolic tree of life and combines it with a lovely stained glass style, wreathing the text in beauty.

Luxe Ketubahs

Love Papercut Luxe Ketubah Designs by Enya Keshet
Love Papercut Luxe

Those wishing to commemorate their wedding in style should look no further than our Luxe line of ketubahs, which are embellished with 23 carat gold leaf and Swarovski crystals to create an impression of pure elegance. Some of our most beautiful and intricate designs are offered in the Luxe style, and are hand assembled by artisans.

For example, Enya Keshet’s Sasson Papercut and Love Papercut Luxe are quite the sight to behold, combining amazing intricacy and detail with gold leaf and crystal touches that make it brighter and even more elegant. Luxe can also be understated, but no less breathtaking, as shown in the Revelry 18 Layer Papercut, which uses depth to evoke a sculptural, stunning pattern around the text.

Downsizing Weddings, Upsizing Memories

If you’re downsizing your wedding, we encourage you to make sure the memories last. There’s a bitterness to giving up a large and joyful wedding for a smaller and safer one, but the beauty of the marriage itself can be just as intense—just with less witnesses!

Your ketubah can also bear witness, and will do so for years to come in your home, as that first shared artwork. The silver lining is that it can recapture some of that lost joy in its design and beauty, and share it one viewer at a time.