Our Favorite Fall Ketubahs!

Summer might be in the rearview mirror, but wedding season is just getting started. Whether your plans were pushed off or you’re adding the finishing touches to your wedding, choosing the right wedding aesthetic is never easy. That’s why we’ve put together a list of some of the top Ketubahs of this fall season to help make things easier for you. Whether it’s the color of the season, or up-and-coming popular Ketubah designs, we’re here to help you find the perfect choice to match your wedding.

An Autumn Daydream

Designed by Micah Parker, this understated Ketubah uses color and framing to a simple an elegant effect. Delicate branches accelerate into delightful hues of orange and yellow – an incredible expression of the season. This is perfect for outdoor weddings or anyone looking for a more naturalistic vibe for their wedding.

Beaded Round Papercut

One of our most popular designs this season, the Beaded Round Papercut features a beautiful papercut layer, with exquisite color and details beneath. The Sterling color features Pearlized paper, an iridescent paper with an almost metallic look to it. The swirling whirlwind of beads evokes the wind.

Colorful Adventures Await

An abstract array of colors converge to create this vivid piece. With eye-catching orange and blue hues, this Ketubah stands out and is sure to make a statement when you display it proudly at your ceremony.

Gingko Spiral (Gold)

A breathtaking twist on one of our most popular designs, the Gingko Spiral Ketubah is one of our all-time most popular designs. The splayed leaves of the Gingko tree give off the appearance of a magical gold and russet toned forest.

Sacred Autumn Arbour

Join your family trees together with this beautiful fall Ketubah! The two rings in the center link your lives together. The brilliant trees show an incredible depth of color, and the leaves bring autumnal tones from across the spectrum.

Persian Papercut

While not exactly fall-colored, the Persian Papercut Ketubah is one of our newest designs, and people really seem to love it! The pinks and blue watercolors flow naturally into each other to form a unique background, with an intricate papercut overlay contrasting against thedesign. For an even more complex design, you can take a look at our Persian Multilayer Papercut, and take this already beautiful design soaring to new heights.

A Symphony of Love

Add some music to your wedding with the Symphony of Love Ketubah. A musical wind blows through the branches, with cool-tones contrasting the warm notes growing forth from the tree. As fall turns to winter, this Ketubah is a perfect musical showcase of changing seasons.

Sunrise Sunset

Diane Sidenberg’s Sunrise Sunset Ketubah is absolutely stunning. The inky tones of the water resemble stained glass, a rainbow of color cascading the sky. A romantic-dreamlike sunset ushers in your new lives together.

Marrakesh Papercut 

The intricate, exquisite geometric lines of this design converge to form beautiful patterns within the papercut. The Marrakesh Papercut comes in multiple different colors, but all of them look amazing when paired with this incredible design. A unique style, the art on this Ketubah will display your love and style for all to see.

These are just some of our favorite designs, but there are plenty more to see. Which are your favorites? Whether it’s fall-themed Ketubahs, or if you like the look of our popular papercut designs, Ketubah.com has a variety of designs that are sure to fit the look and style of your wedding.