Our first ever Ketubah Sale

Love Papercut Luxe By Enya Keshet

The ongoing pandemic has forced many weddings to be rescheduled, so we wanted to brighten up your day with some good news. We have launched our first ever Ketubah Sale, where you can find reduced prices on a selection of our popular and outstanding ketubahs.

If you’re planning a wedding and require a fine art ketubah, our newly-created sales page is a wonderful place to start. We currently have 16 ketubahs on sale representing 5 categories from intricate layered or papercut pieces, gorgeous giclee prints, to brilliant examples of Luxe artwork. To celebrate this milestone, we have put on sale some of our most sought after and remarkable ketubah artwork.

Remember, you can place an order and we will put your ketubah on hold until the wedding date is confirmed. Furthermore, if the date of your wedding changes we can reprint your ketubah free of charge.

I Carry Your Heart II

I Carry Your Heart II By Shell Rummel

We start with a gorgeous, heartfelt, and pensive ketubah from Shell Rummel. Using pastel watercolors and fine inked details, this ketubah evokes the ever-popular tree of life, as well as the titular line from E.E. Cummings’s poem of the same name.

Circle Dance Papercut

Circle Dance Papercut By Ruth Stern Warzecha

Ruth Stern Warzecha uses the dancing forms of Hebrew letters to quote a sacred vow from Hosea and also to evoke a circle dance around this ketubah’s text. Her precise and uncomplicated papercut design looks particularly elegant on gold metallic. In the year since its debut, this ketubah has had the quickest rise to popularity we’ve ever seen.

Four Seasons Layered

Four Seasons – Layered By Jessica Kraft

Jessica Kraft’s unique and stunning ketubah is our most popular design of all time, and the classic giclee prints are actually sold out, but we think the layered version with its intriguing sense of depth makes an already bold ketubah even more impactful.

Sasson Papercut Luxe

Sasson Papercut Luxe By Enya Keshet

Enya Keshet’s classic, ever popular papercut was our first luxe design, and it’s still very popular for obvious reasons: it’s truly luxe and highly intricate. Add gold leaf and crystals and this already impressive design becomes breathtaking.

Solar Papercut

Solar Papercut By Ruth Becker

Ruth Becker’s highly symbolic and intricate design combines a common theme with some truly uncommon artistry to evoke the intertwining of two lives, using geometrical principles to evoke togetherness, love, and beauty.

Good News

These are challenging times, but they remind us of the value of silver linings. Art has such an ability to comfort and inspire us. Great ketubah art beautifully commemorates love and dedication, and we think making some of our best pieces more accessible seems like one way to brighten the dark clouds a little.

If you’re looking ahead to a future wedding and haven’t chosen your ketubah yet, this is a great time to start exploring your options. You might just find the perfect one for your special day.

Finally, if you’re rescheduling your wedding and will require a free reprint from us, please contact us as soon as possible with your revised date, so we can start planning ahead.