Rosh Hashanah Ketubahs

If your marriage is taking place around Rosh Hashanah, you may want your ketubah to reflect that. There’s many beautiful and awe-inspiring aspects to this season, aside from the usual late-summer/early-autumn natural beauty to enjoy.

You may be wondering what best reflects Rosh Hashanah. Is it a shofar? Apples and honey? The seven species? Let’s find out in the following 6 ketubahs that we feel best express the loveliness of Rosh Hashanah.

Sweetly Symbolic

Lisbon Page Letterpress By Enya Keshet

Enya Keshet’s Lisbon Page Papercut Lisbon is stunning. With a simple palette, intriguing letterpress elements, and classic papercut art, this fresh design definitely evokes a certain spirit. Pomegranates are portrayed visually and mentioned in one of the quotes—quite fitting as they are often in season in Israel around the time of Rosh Hashanah, as well as being one of the symbolic Seven Species.

Pomegranates at Dusk By Angela Munitz

Pomegranates at Dusk is an unique ketubah by Angela Munitz which uses the most recognizable of the Seven Species (sensing a theme?) as a central motif for understated yet delightful artwork. As the pomegranate is symbolic of both love and fertility, it’s certainly appropriate for a Rosh Hashanah ketubah.

Seven Species – Gold Leaf By Lee Loebman

Lee Loebman’s Seven Species – Gold Leaf captures the deep colors of the season very well, and portrays the symbolic fruits and grains in the verges, as well as a pair of intertwined rings in gold leaf symbolizing a long-lasting marriage. In addition there’s the lovely, oft-quoted line “ani l’dodi v’dodi li” from Song of Songs at the bottom.

Jerusalem Arch Papercut Luxe By Enya Keshet

The astonishing Jerusalem Arch Papercut Luxe from Enya Keshet is a great example of the uses of symbolism, with both a literal and more figurative representation of tradition and history. Luxe details make the papercut pomegranates, written blessings, and architectural details.

Israeli Species Star Of David By Diane Sidenberg

Diane Sidenberg’s Israeli Species Star of David a quiet and uncomplicated representation of the iconic species, including the pomegranate, surrounding the ketubah text. With a delicate, almost lace-like background, this ketubah calls to mind the introspection of Rosh Hashanah.

Jerusalem Arch By Diane Sidenberg

Also from Diane Sidenberg, Jerusalem Arch portrays the iconic shofar, with which we usher in the new year, as well as the challah bread from Shabbat as well as any Yom Tov, including Rosh Hashanah. Diane’s lovely ketubah covers the traditional aspects in a modern way, with a stained glass aesthetic.

A Seasonal Style

Pomegranates have been central to these ketubahs, and for good reason, as they’re specially symbolic of our hopes for a good and fruitful year ahead. Also, we have the tradition of 613 mitzvot, passed down through the ages and collected by Maimonides in his work Sefer Hamitzvot. A common saying is that there are 613 seeds in each pomegranate—not exactly accurate as the number of seeds can vary per fruit, but it certainly ties the theme together.

If your wedding falls around this season, a Rosh Hashanah themed ketubah can help you remember not just the significance of a new year, but that of your wedding as well!

Shanah Tovah!

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