Love’s Mosaic – Layered

Art by Robert Saslow


Five separate copies of the artwork are created and each layer is cut with extreme precision to create four intricate and distinct levels. A special adhesive and foam boarding is used to separate the levels, creating a layered, multidimensional effect. Please note that 3 weeks are required for the production of this Ketubah The love of two people is a lifelong path, a ring with no beginning and no end, to walk together and reflect upon again and again. It is a mosaic of colorful emotions and experiences as rich and varied as the array of stones and gems that make it up.


If your wedding has to be postponed or rearranged due to the corona virus, do not worry. At we can reprint your ketubah free of charge with revised dates.

Print Stocks

Our paper ketubahs (papercut ketubahs included) are printed on cold press, acid free art paper, the standard in artistic reproductions. This paper is slightly textured and can be ordered with or without name printing.


Canvas ketubahs have a glossy look with texture and shine. The canvas can be framed behind glass or can be stretched by a framer. Our canvas ketubahs require name printing.


We offer the canvas stretching feature in house as well. When ordered this way, the ketubah is stretched by hand on a specially built frame in a style known as gallery wrap and comes ready to hang complete with a wire at the back.

Find the Right Text

Every ketubah needs a text. First narrow down the category depending on the type of ceremony you will be having (eg. Orthodox, Conservative….) and consult with your officiant to ensure it is appropriate for your ceremony. You'll then be able to choose from multiple texts in each category to find the perfect one for you.

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Text and Name Printing

We offer different options regarding how you would like your text to be set up. While the majority of couples order their ketubah with printed text and names for a seamless look to the text, many others would like to write in their names, date and location information by hand with a pen. For those that want to write their own text we also offer a custom text option in addition to the option of having their custom text translated into Hebrew as well.


Standard text printed, names to be handwritten

When selecting this option you will receive your ketubah with text that has blank spaces for hand written information. You will need to write in the names, date and location within the printed text prior to the wedding.


Standard text and names printed

When selecting this option you will receive your ketubah with all of your personalization information filled in- no blanks spaces will appear in the text. The ketubah will still have lines for the witnesses to sign at the wedding. After placing your order you will receive a form to fill in with all the necessary information so that we can create a proof for your review and approval before the ketubah is created.


Compose your own text for us to print

If you prefer to compose your own text for your ketubah you can choose the custom text option. The names of the couple, wedding date and location will all be filled in for you when selecting this option. Once you place your order, you can email us your text in a word document so that we can create a proof for your review and approval before your ketubah is created.


Compose your own text for us to translate and print

If you are providing a custom text that you wrote and want it translated into Hebrew we offer a translation service. After placing your order you can email us your custom English text, and we send it to a third party translator. Your ketubah text would then be both Hebrew and English. We will create a proof for your review and approval before your ketubah is created.






Small - 16.5" x 16.5"

Please Note

Four separate copies of the artwork are created and each layer is cut with extreme precision to create four intricate and distinct levels. A special adhesive and foam boarding is used to separate the levels, creating a layered, multidimensional effect.

About Layered

Love’s Mosaic – Layered - Attachment_18_layer_02_2x1


Ketubahs have always stood the test of time, but now they come to life in a whole new way. These Ketubahs will amaze you in person as they lift right off the page, literally. The details of the design are heightened with depth and intricacy. Cut with precision for a beautiful effect, each print is created to bring you the highest quality, multidimensional ketubah. A layered Ketubah magnifies the beauty of the artwork, which you will enjoy for years to come.

About the Artist

Robert Saslow

Robert Saslow

Robert Saslow is a Los Angeles-based designer who comes from a family of artists. He has a degree in 2-dimensional art and has worked for the Jewish community since 1980. He has been making original ketubot since 1983, and has had several of his pieces displayed.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Simply choose your design, decide what size and print stock you want, and if you want the names pre-printed. You can choose your text now, or if you’re not sure which text you want, you can decide after placing your order. If you don’t want the names pre-printed, proceed through checkout, and we’ll start preparing your ketubah to ship. If you’re having the names filled in, log in and click on the link for the Personalization Form to fill in the names, dates, and location information for your ketubah. Once that’s been submitted, we’ll have the artist prepare and send you a proof to review. Rest assured, we won’t print the ketubah until it’s been fully approved.

The production time varies across all our designs. The Papercuts and Luxe Ketubahs require a bit more preparation time, but if you need them for a wedding that’s around the corner, let us know and we’ll do everything we can to get it to you in time. The time-to-door estimates for each Ketubah should give you an idea of how long it’ll take to be delivered, but as long as you submit the Personalization Form in a timely manner, and we can be in touch with you regarding your text proof, then we’ll have no problem getting you your Ketubah well before your wedding date.

We send proofs on all Ketubahs with the names pre-filled. If your text doesn’t have any variations from the text on our site, you will not receive a proof.

Yes. At the end of the Personalization Form, you’ll have the option to either submit the form to us, or forward it to your officiant. Click the latter option, and you’ll be able to send them the form to review. Once they submit the form, we’ll be able to prepare a text proof and send it to both of you to review.

Print stock refers to what we print your ketubah on. Many of our designs are available on paper, canvas, or stretched canvas. The paper is a fine-textured, high quality art paper. Colors have a matte finish. Our canvas ketubahs are printed on canvas, with a more luminous finish. Colors on canvas seem brighter and more vibrant. The Stretched Canvas is perfect for if you want to have the canvas wrapped around a wooden frame, so that it’s ready to hang on your wall as is.

When you select a text, you’ll notice that there are blank spaces throughout the text body. These are for the date, location, and names of the couple getting married. If you choose the Blank Area Left for Handwritten Names option, you’ll receive the ketubah with these blank spaces, to be filled in by hand on the day of the ceremony. If you choose the Names Pre-Printed option, you’ll fill out a form providing us with that information, and we’ll have it all printed seamlessly in line with the rest of your text.

In order to ensure that everyone is equally represented on the Ketubah, we offer to transliterate the names of anyone who doesn’t have a Hebrew name. This means writing their English name in Hebrew letters. This ensures that there are no blank spaces in your text. In the Personalization form, where it asks for your Hebrew name, write your name. If no Hebrew equivalent name shows up, there should be an option that says, “My name was not found, please write it for me.” Click that button, and when the form is submitted, we’ll know you want that name transliterated into Hebrew.

We recommend a micro-pigment pen with archival ink. But don’t worry about having to find one – we’ll send you a pen that’s perfect for signing along with your Ketubah!

No. Our Stretched Canvas ketubahs come stretched around a wooden frame, but apart from that, we recommend taking your Ketubah to a local framer to have it properly framed.

If you want to add extra Witness signature lines or make minor adjustments to certain words in the text, we can make these changes. After you place your order, email us with your Order Number in the subject line of the email, and make the request. We’ll let you know if there are any issues with the request, or if the changes are extensive enough to warrant additional charges.

If you’re not happy with your Ketubah for any reason, we have a money back guarantee. Reach out via email and we’ll send you instructions on how to return your ketubah and receive your refund.

We accept Mastercard and Visa.

All our Ketubahs are shipped through UPS. Most of our Ketubahs are shipped in a protective tube. If you need to know the specifics for your design, feel free to reach out to our Customer Service team. Our Luxe, Luminous, Gold/Silver Leaf, and Stretched Canvas Ketubahs are shipped flat.

Most definitely! In order for us to get a new ketubah to you in time for your wedding we will simply need the new wedding date confirmed 15 business days before the wedding. And we will waive the usual $50 reprint fee. We just ask that you cover the necessary shipping charges. Note – Please do not discard your ketubah before speaking to a representative. Some elements of the Ketubah can be utilized again and this will make the process of replacing your ketubah more efficient. Our contact details are at the bottom of this page.

Please contact us and let us know. We can put your order on hold until you have confirmed a new wedding date.

No problem – You can request this upon checkout in the Order Notes section. Tip: Just be sure to not order one of the few designs where name fill in is required. (Canvas, Washi, Luxe and Designs with white text)

We understand things are changing on a daily basis and you may want your ketubah shipped out soon. We urge you to stay patient and wait until your wedding date is set in stone before requesting your reprint to be shipped. You can trust us to deliver your ketubah in advance of your special day.

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