The Layered Collection – Adding Depth to Your Wedding Celebration

Many Moons Layered Ketubah by Robert Saslow

Sometimes, a design really “pops” right off the page. But as beautiful as our Giclée prints are, sometimes you want something that feels like you can actually reach out and touch it. We’ve gotten questions in the past about some of our Ketubahs – “It looks like it’s three-dimensional, but is it actually?” We wanted to find a way to make that a reality, so we worked with some of our most popular artists, who had some awesome new ideas!

Our Layered collection has expanded to include some intricately cut versions of many of our most popular designs. An elegant expression of art in three dimensions, these pieces are cut and reattached with precision to give your Ketubah a more substantial feel. Our materials are designed to not damage or discolor your Ketubah, and are arranged to make the document easy to sign. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many couples to have to reorganize their weddings, so why not bring some extra, much-needed joy to your celebrations with a beautiful statement piece that will last forever – a Layered Ketubah!

By layering foam boards between each layer, we’ve raised sections of the design to give these Ketubahs a unique effect. Here are a few of our favorite Layered Ketubahs, old and new, that we think will add some extra depth to your wedding celebrations.

Gingko Spiral – Layered

This Ketubah has always seemed like it should be layered, and now it finally is! Based on the Gingko Biloba leaves, this spiraling design already looks three-dimensional, even in its regular Giclée form. But the added depth of this design really helps this piece stand out in ways it never has before. This is one of our newer additions, and we’re so excited to share it with you! 

Ginko Spiral Layered Ketubah by Temma Gentles

Romanza – Layered

Stand out with this stunning Layered Ketubah. This compelling design immediately grabs your attention –  from its intricate patterns to the stunning middle-eastern inspired art, this is one of our best-selling Layered Ketubahs, and it’s easy to see why! Join a trend[KK1]  by including one of the most popular colors of 2021 on your Ketubah! 

Romanza Layered Ketubah by Susanne McGinnis

36 Pomegranates and 7 Blessings – Layered

If you’re looking for a traditional Ketubah with a modern feel, this is the perfect design for you. Featuring the 7 Blessings recited under the Chuppah, this design deepens the connection to tradition while welcoming you into your new lives together. 

36 Pomegranates and 7 Blessings by Angela Munitz

Seven Species – Layered

Celebrate your heritage with the Seven Species – Layered Ketubah. With gorgeous, deep hues, and vibrant pops of color, this design soars off the page. Bring this Ketubah into your home and welcome with it the traditional seven species of Israel. 

Seven Species Layered Ketubah by Judith Joseph

Attachment 18 Layer Papercut Luxe

Boasting a gentle elegance, the Attachment Ketubah shows the beauty in simple yet dynamic designs. One of our most intricate designs, each of the 18 layers of this design is carefully cut just off from each other, so that when layered on each other, they create an intricate depth unlike any other designs. Unlike our other Layered Ketubahs, the 18 layers of our Attachment Papercut are carefully aligned in such a way to create a feeling of depth without using foam. This artist’s technique shows the multi-faceted nature of this beautiful, magnificent art piece. 

Attachment 18 Layer Papercut Luxe Ketubah by Ruth Becker

These are just a few of our favorite Layered designs, but we have plenty more to check out! Click here to explore our Layered Collection.