The Case of the Wandering Ketubah

Julie and Reuben with their Adventures of a Lifetime II Ketubah by Shell Rummel

There’s nothing quite like a feel good story with a happy ending, so we’d like to share with you the best one we’ve heard in a while. It’s a timely tale of love, difficulty, and human kindness that was shared with us from one of our lovely customers.

The Adventure of a Lifetime

Adventure of a Lifetime II ketubah by Shell Rummel

“We got married on Zoom, at the beginning of the coronavirus crisis, in the Washington, D.C. suburbs.”

Julie and Reuben had selected their witnesses: one in Chicago, one in New Jersey. Their rabbi also lived in Chicago, so they would use package shipping services to collect signatures.

They sent out their ketubah in its original shipping tube to be signed by the rabbi and one witness. Both signed, and on it went via FedEx to return to the couple so they could send it to the final witness. However, after days went by the Ketubah “did not arrive” and “mild panic ensued.”

The couple tracked it to a FedEx warehouse. It was stranded there, marked ‘undeliverable’ despite a correct address and label. After a lengthy email exchange, the ketubah was located in its original shipping tube. On the desk of a supervisor, who happened to have been on vacation. Oy vey. “FedEx offered to ship it to us immediately. We declined”, and “my hero groom drove to the warehouse and retrieved it himself. Crisis averted. Or so we thought.”

As Julie recalls, their Zoom wedding “went off without a hitch (well, with the only hitch that mattered—us becoming married).” However, there was still one witness needed—in New Jersey. With the coronavirus pandemic in full swing, they waited.

By late spring, their witness agreed to take delivery. Wary of FedEx, the couple decided to ship with UPS. The ketubah, safely in its original shipping tube, promptly travelled up to New Jersey, got signed, and was repacked for a triumphant return by way of UPS. As time passed, the Ketubah still “did not arrive.” and “Crisis resumed.”. “Sound familiar?”

The couple tracked the ketubah to a UPS warehouse but no further. They had no luck dealing with a UPS clerk, and after more failed efforts were preparing to call on a friend whose legal firm represented the courier.

Meanwhile, deep in a UPS warehouse, a man named Kevin found the shipping tube with our logo on it. He decided to call us.

Our Customer Experience Expert Carmit, answered, told him of the importance of the sacred document, and asked him to open it and read the names. He did, she checked her records, and the completed, rescued, waylaid ketubah finally completed its journey.

Fittingly enough, the ketubah was Shell Rummel’s Adventure of a Lifetime II.

The Happy Ending

Photograph: Julie and Reuben at their wedding

Many, many thanks to Carmit and Kevin, true heroes of this story who saved the day. We’re proud that we could be of service to Julie and Reuben—mazel tov, by the way!

And finally, we have to agree with Julie’s happy conclusion:

“For our part, we believe our marriage is either doubly cursed—since our ketubah became lost not once, but twice—or doubly blessed—since it got found not once, but twice. We’re going with doubly blessed!”

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