The Giclée Collection

Sammy Handler Giclee Embrace the Journey Blue Green Ketubah For Sale

During the COVID-19 pandemic so far we’ve seen one ketubah variety stand out: giclée prints have consistently been outperforming all other categories. We’re not surprised—giclée prints are exceptional.

What makes giclée prints remarkable? It’s all in the ink! The name ‘giclée’ refers to a precision inkjet printing style that matches color and detail closely by using archival-quality inks. These inks contain bold pigments that create more vivid colors and contrast. Our prints are also done on archival quality paper, further preventing discoloration or fading.

Customers often ask us if giclée prints will look like the images online. Quite often, to their delight (and ours), customers report back that their ketubah looks even better in person. The giclée technique creates bolder, more vivid colors and sharper lines than you’ll see on your computer. In person it’s spectacular, and as close to the artist’s original as it gets!

So, without further ado, our top 5 giclée print ketubahs:

Adventure of a Lifetime II

Adventure of a Lifetime II by Shell Rummel

Shell Rummel’s timeless and wistful Adventure of a Lifetime II features a gorgeous abstract landscape in watercolor, placing the viewer in the position of one looking out over the possibilities of the future. The rich detail and color of this design makes it an excellent candidate for giclée printing.

Gingko Spiral

Gingko Spiral by Temma Gentles

The talented Temma Gentles creates a very moving and beautiful impression with Gingko Spiral, which uses pigmented and preserved gingko leaves to create a floral impression. Especially in the neutral version, the combination of rich metallic colors and textures from the original artwork are best preserved and expressed by the giclée technique.

Round Micrographic Song of Songs

Round Micrographic Song of Songs by Enya Keshet

Only giclée printing could capture the intricacies of Enya Keshet’s Round Micrographic Song of Songs. This masterful ketubah uses fine ink-line decoration, calligraphy, and micrography to evoke the art style of the Lisbon Judaic workshop—binding your lasting love to the style, skill, and tradition of the past.

Supernova Confetti

The Ketubah even made it into the Australian Jewish News as Simcha of the Week!  @beckiven

Supernova Confetti is a wonderfully bright and cheerful design by the visionary Susanne McGinnis. The rich textures and bold colors of this abstract and creative ketubah make it perfect for celebrating a fun, energetic, and youthful wedding—and make it the perfect choice for a high-quality printing technique!

Arbour of Love

Arbour of Love Ketubah For Sale by Diane Sidenberg

Arbor of Love by Diane Sidenberg

Diane Sidenberg’s Arbor of Love uses a refreshingly and purposefully naive style to evoke the beauty of two lives coming together in love. The symbolic joining of two trees of life is combined with the imagery of the knot and entwined bands in the titular arbor. This open, honest, and bold design can brighten any space, and reminds us of the innocence of love.

Precise and Perfect

A ketubah should be as vivid, beautiful, and long-lived as the love it represents. From simple designs to complicated ones, we can see why the giclée print remains popular—it’s as close to the original as possible, and always absolutely stunning. Didn’t find your perfect ketubah above? Please explore the giclée collection.