The Luxe Collection

Love Papercut Luxe Ketubah Store by Enya Keshet
Love Papercut Luxe

Sometimes good just doesn’t cut it—you want something that really shines. Of all the ketubahs in our collection, the luxe category possesses the most spectacular style. In terms of dimension, materials, and overall effect, a luxe ketubah is a bold and beautiful commemoration for a wedding. Crystals and gold leaf embellish already gorgeous designs, help these pieces really stand out during the ceremony and at home.

Making a ketubah as beautiful as possible with creative embellishments alludes to the concept of Hiddur Mitzvah—the idea that all our commandments should be followed and also made beautiful. This concept is why the Kiddish, or blessed wine, is sipped from a special goblet and not an everyday cup.

There’s also a historical precedent: many ketubahs in the past were also decorated with silver leaf, gold detail, and plenty of gorgeous embellishments. Beauty is worth pursuing and celebrating. Now, without further ado, here are five of our favorite luxe ketubahs:

Sasson Papercut

Sasson Papercut Luxe by Enya Keshet

This gorgeous Sasson Papercut ketubah features intricate papercut art depicting the sixth wedding blessing as well as plentiful symbolic patterns and touches. An already impressive visual impact is further heightened by sparkling crystals and gold leaf touches.

Chinese Mirror Tree Papercut

Chinese Mirror Tree Papercut Luxe by Enya Keshet

A stunning papercut ketubah, set against a watercolor background which really highlights the detailed floral elements and Hebrew phrases. Gold leaf and crystals make this tree particularly magical, and endlessly enthralling and inviting to the eye. This Chinese Mirror Tree Papercut is a sight to behold.

Love Papercut

Love Papercut Luxe Ketubah Jewish Marriage Contracts by Enya Keshet
Love Papercut Luxe by Enya Keshet

A ring of symbolic and literal elements wreaths this ketubah’s text, and the plentiful gold leaf makes it shine like one’s face when witnessing their beloved. Charming crystals add an extra layer of beauty to the breathtakingly detailed papercut elements on this Luxe Love Ketubah.

Jerusalem Arch Papercut

Jerusalem Arch Papercut Luxe by Enya Keshet

Visually arresting and infused with many important symbols and allusions to history, this Jerusalem Arch Papercut Luxe ketubah unites tradition with modernity. A combination of watercolor and papercut art graced with plentiful gold leaf and fine crystals make this ketubah a unique and graceful masterpiece.

Attachment 18 Layer Papercut

Attachment 18 Layer Papercut Luxe by Ruth Becker

Sometimes it is the simplicity of love that speaks most to a couple, and this ketubah epitomizes the depth and beauty of uniting with a beloved. Instead of gold leaf and crystals, this uncomplicated Attachment ketubah uses layered papercut art to evoke and symbolize two lives uniting in one.

Good as Gold

A luxe ketubah is certainly an investment and makes the celebration of your wedding that much more spectacular. Honoring the tradition of Hiddur Mitzvah inspired the creation of the luxe range of ketubahs, with already-spectacular art being taken beyond by the introduction of gold, silver, and crystal.

If you’re planning on ordering a luxe ketubah, we feel we should remind you to allow us a full 6 weeks to craft and prepare them! Intricate beauty can take some time to deliver, and we pride ourselves on always getting it right. Furthermore, we consider it an honor to offer such scintillating ketubah art to grace your wedding and home.

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