Wedding Colour Themes

And Finding the Perfect Ketubah to show your true colours

By Ari Cohen

Planning your wedding means making a lot of big decisions about your big day. From the guest list to the menu to the playlist, there’s so much to do and so many different ways to make it memorable. But one of the most obvious ways of tying the whole event together is with themed wedding colors. Bridesmaids dresses, flowers, and place settings can all be easily tied in with whatever color-scheme you choose, if you want to get creative. We’ve done the meticulous Pinteresting for you, and have put together a list of some creative color options to help you plan your wedding. We’ve also paired each with a Ketubah to help you bring your wedding theme home with you, long after the ceremony has ended.


What a beautiful colour pairing! Adding in the pop of navy blue really gives this pink-toned palette the standing ovation it deserves. This classic colour combination is great for bridesmaids dresses and floral arrangements. Here are a few ideas for how you can implement this at your wedding.

Love Papercut Luxe Ketubah Store by Enya Keshet
Love Papercut Luxe – By Enya Keshet

Pair this with the Love Papercut Luxe Ketubah to showcase the champagne pinks and deep blue hues.


If you want to be THAT girl at your wedding, then this is the palette combination for you. It’s elegant,
chic, beautiful and just has it all together. Understated, yet elegant. The simple elegance of the silver is the perfect accent for any shade of blue. Like gossamer thin ice, these colours may seem simple at first, but can form intricate patterns to add depth and complexity to your centerpieces, flowers, and other wedding décor.

Layers Of Us – Metallic – By Shell Rummel

Check out our Layers of Us Blue – Metallic Ketubah with the Silver option, for an inspired interpretation of this theme.


For the brides who love the extra bling at the wedding, this ones for you. It’s classy, bougie and adds just
the pop of color you need. This colour combo will stand strongly by your side, just like your groom!
A unique take on fall wedding colours, the dark forest greens are magnificently contrasted with golden, metallic tones. These colours can make for spectacular floral arrangements, turning your wedding venue into a shimmering forest canopy, or sprucing up your place settings with a Midas touch.

Big Letter Multi-Layer Papercut – By Enya Keshet

To bring a piece of this vision home with you, choose the Big Letter Multi-Layer Papercut for some brilliant, complex greens, or accent your home with gold and crystals from our Luxe collection.


If you’re going for that timeless romantic look then this colour combination is just for you. It’s
simply charming! An updated take on classic colour themes, these pastel tones are perfect for a spring wedding. Just like our Verve Papercut Ketubah, we know these colours are sure to make a splash!

Verve Papercut Neutral Ketubah Designs by Ruth Mergi
Verve Papercut – by Ruth Becker

Inspiration can come from anywhere, and we hope that these popular themes will help you find the colours and Ketubah that you need. But if you haven’t decided on a theme just yet, then work backwards, and browse through our Ketubah collection. With so many beautiful designs and colours, we’re sure you’ll find one to help bring your wedding to life.