What’s new in 2021 at Ketubah.com

Happy 2021!!! I think we can all agree that these two simple words hold a lot of meaning and hope for all of us across the globe. As we continue to hold on and ride out this wave a little longer, we look forward to a brighter future. 

Ketubah.com has been blessed with incredible customers and we want to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you who has ordered a Ketubah in 2020. We are excited for what lies ahead in 2021!

What’s new in wedding trends?

Ricci wedding with DIY Ketubah. Photography by Farfalla Photography

In these unprecedented times, wedding trends have certainly pivoted to adapt. While some trends will come and go, many of them will be here to stay. Although weddings are very personal and there is no one style of wedding that suits everyone, as a trend we have come to embrace micro weddings, intimate ceremonies, extended celebrations and the “wed now, pay later” trend. According to Wedinspire.com, 2021 will continue to see “relaxed and informal” as an overall top wedding fashion, food and décor trend.

Read here for Wedinspire’s list of wedding trends for 2021.

What’s new and on trend at Ketubah.com?

We are thrilled to welcome Elena Berlo’s beautiful tree collection of Ketubah prints to our website. Elena is an accomplished artist, who combines her passion for fine arts with teaching gifted and talented kids. With a Bachelors in Architecture from the University of Bucharest, she continued her artistic education at FIT NY, and practiced architecture in well established NYC firms. Inspired by colorful, bohemian, whimsical and mid century modern design, she loves working on new custom artwork, embedding subtle details and symbols that talk about love, nature, travels and traditions – all subjects that are very dear to engaged couples.

The tree of life represents the comfort and protection under which the newlyweds will build a new home together, with the color palette that vibes in unison with their hearts. The transparent washes of the watercolor paint speak about life’s brilliance and the clarity of the future as beloveds and friends. Also symbols of strength and endurance, of family and cosmos itself, Elena’s trees are full of joy and color, recollecting impressions about the sun, nature and seasons to come.

Check out Elena Berlo on our site.

Jewish Wedding in a Box

It is no surprise that our Jewish Wedding in a Box has been a big hit since we introduced it last summer and we are excited to continue to offer it to our couples. JWIB was initially added to our website to make online wedding shopping more convenient for our Ketubah couples during Covid. When we ask our couples what makes a wedding Jewish, they say: A Ketubah, a Chuppah, a Breaking Glass and a Wine Goblet. Our Jewish Wedding in a Box comes complete with all of these items and is the perfect complement to your Ketubah. Best of all, it is simple to order.

Don’t need all of those items? We also offer each of the JWIB items separately. Our Jewish Wedding Shop offers a curated selection of Jewish wedding ceremony essentials, backed by Ketubah.com’s legendary customer service. From an exquisite keepsake made up of the traditional breaking glass to a beautiful hammered wine goblet we’ve got you covered.

Have a look here.

The Ketubah Gallery

Need some inspo when shopping for the perfect Ketubah? Check out the new Ketubah Gallery on our site, filled with dozens of gorgeous wedding couples and their stunning Ketubahs. See a Ketubah you like in the photo and not sure how to find it on our site? Click on the image and you will be directed to the product details page. Take a look at these amazing photos here.

We would like to thank all the couples who shared photos with us from their special day featuring their spectacular ketubahs. Have a great shot that we should feature in our Ketubah Gallery? Send an email to info@ketubah.com.

Layered Ketubahs

One steady and growing trend at Ketubah.com is our incredible Luxe Collection of Layered Ketubahs. Our layered Ketubahs come to life and will amaze you in person. The details of the design are heightened with depth and intricacy. Cut with precision for a beautiful effect, each print is created to bring you the highest quality, multidimensional ketubah. A layered Ketubah magnifies the beauty of the artwork, which you will enjoy for years to come.

How do we do it? Three or four separate copies of the artwork are created. Each layer is cut meticulously and with precise attention to detail to create four intricate and distinct levels. A special adhesive and foam boarding is used to separate the pieces, creating a layered, multidimensional effect. Even though the Ketubahs are layered, they are very easy to sign. The top layers lift up as one piece, allowing the bottom text layer to be signed without any obstruction. All the layers are attached from the top, so after the signing, the Ketubah can be easily displayed. Click here to shop for your layered ketubah.

No matter the trend or whatever your style, Ketubah.com has what you are looking for. Wishing you good health, joy, happiness, adventure, discovery, growth, prosperity and love in the new year!