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Our team at is constantly innovating and working to make your wedding experience easier. Over the years, many of the questions we get asked most often revolves around Hebrew names. For some, this can be taken for granted: a name given to you at birth that you use daily, or only occasionally. For others, it’s a memory in the back of their mind, unsure if it’s this name or another name that sounds sort of similar. And for others still, a Hebrew name is something more theoretical: they never received one growing up, and never needed to use it before now.

We want to help, regardless of where you fall within that spectrum, which is why we created Hebrew Namer is here to help you discover the perfect Hebrew name, and learn about the history of many names throughout Jewish culture.  As part of our launch, we wanted to showcase just a bit of what we have in store.

Choosing a Name: A Personalized Experience

Whether you’re a parent seeking a meaningful name for your newborn or an individual looking to embrace a Hebrew identity, this is your portal to a world of possibilities. We feature thousands of names, offering a glimpse into their profound meanings and historical origins, and have provided the tools for you to search for a name or browse through different popular and meaningful options. Explore the rich tapestry of Jewish tradition and discover meanings you’d never considered!

When deciding on a baby’s name, many couples want their Hebrew name to match their English name by sharing a common sound. If you’ve already picked out your little one’s English name, then you can browse alphabetically to find similar sounding names and narrow your search by choosing the names that mean the most to you.

Many traditional Jewish names explore similar themes and virtues, so we’ve organized our list to help you find similar ones. Our categories will help you find names with similar meanings and ideas, so if you see a name that isn’t quite right for you, you’ll know that the perfect name is just a click away. Choose from popular names to Biblical ones to find a diverse array of names. We also feature more modern Israeli names and many unique options you might not be familiar with. Creating this project has been a beautiful experience for us, and we’ve learned so much about the unique tapestry of names that make up this diverse community. We’re so excited to share it with you!

More Than Just Names

Hebrew Namer goes beyond a mere name directory. While it can be used to learn more about your name, it also serves as a window into the greater Jewish community, unveiling worlds of possibility and wonder, showing you the rich tapestry of Jewish tradition. With its user-friendly interface and a commitment to preserving cultural heritage, this website transcends the conventional name-finding experience. It invites you to embark on a journey where each name tells a story, and the exploration of meanings becomes a celebration of identity. Embrace the beauty of Hebrew names with!

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If you’re interested in learning what we’ve got in store, check out our Sneak Peek and take our brief survey to help shape the future of Hebrew Namer!