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We are here for you during the COVID-19 pandemic. With over 500 fine art ketubahs to choose from and reduced pricing on some of our bestsellers, you can order the Ketubah of your dreams today.

Ketubah.com’s Top Picks

Shell Rummel Canvas Adventure of a Lifetime Multi Ketubah Designs

Adventure of a Lifetime

Shell Rummel
1 Color

From $200

Enya Keshet Luxe Italian Papercut Luxe Blue Ketubah Designs

Italian Papercut Luxe

Enya Keshet
2 Colors

From $750

Static Home (Jan 2021) - custom-shell-rummel-papercuts-feather-papercut-silver-silver-ketubah-toronto.jpg

Feather Metallic Papercut

Shell Rummel
2 Colors

From $325

Static Home (Jan 2021) - jewish-melody-molayem-papercuts-park-tree-lane-papercut-green-ketubah-for-sale-4

Park Tree Lane Papercut

Melody Molayem
1 Color

From $350

Shell Rummel Gold & Silver Morse Code Gold Leaf Blue Ketubah Online

Morse Code – I Love You – Gold Leaf

Shell Rummel
1 Color

From $350

Static Home (Jan 2021) - modern-ruth-warzecha-papercuts-all-you-need-is-love-purple-ketubah-jewish-marriage-contract

All You Need Is Love Multi-Layer Papercut

Ruth Stern Warzecha
2 Colors

From $375

Rush Ketubahs

Elena Berlo Gold & Silver Yulan Magnolia Tree - Gold Leaf Gold Ketubah For Sale

Yulen Magnolia Tree – Gold Leaf

Elena Berlo
1 Color

From $350

Static Home (Jan 2021) - best-shell-rummel-gold-silver-layers-of-us-blue-and-silver-blue-ketubah-jewish-weddingNEW

Layers of Us Blue Metallic

Shell Rummel
2 Colors

From $250

Static Home (Jan 2021) - buy-the-jewish-museum-historical-museum-verona-italy-1733-blue-ketubah-for-sale

Verona, Italy, 1733

The Jewish Museum
1 Color

From $250

danny azoulay Kaleidoscope Papercut

Kaleidoscope Papercut (Azoulay)

Danny Azoulay
1 Color

From $425

Temma Gentles Giclée Prints Gingko Spiral Neutral Ketubah Jewish Marriage Contracts

Gingko Spiral

Temma Gentles
3 Colors

From $295

Static Home (Jan 2021) - jewish-ruth-stern-warzecha-papercuts-ahava-papercut-red-ketubah-art

Ahava papercut

Ruth Stern Warzecha
1 Color

From $300

Jewish Wedding Shop

Exclusive Box curated by Ketubah.com

Exclusive Box

Curated by Ketubah.com
3 Colors

From $495

Premium Box curated by Ketubah.com

Premium Box

Curated by Ketubah.com
3 Colors

From $350

Essential Box curated by Ketubah.com

Essential Box

Curated by Ketubah.com
3 Colors

From $225

Static Home (Jan 2021) - wiab-goblet-premium-separate

Premium Wine Goblet

Yair Emanuel
1 Color

From $75

Static Home (Jan 2021) - wiab-tallit-chuppah

Tallit Chuppah

2 Colors

From $195

Static Home (Jan 2021) - wiab-breaking-glass-treaseured

Breaking Glass Keepsake

Curated by Ketubah.com
3 Colors

From $320


Luxe Ketubahs


The Luxe Collection is an elegant line of premium Ketubahs, which include some of our most beautiful and unique designs.

Papercut Ketubahs


Papercutting has been a traditional Jewish art form for Ketubah decoration since the Middle Ages. Our Papercut Ketubahs are lovingly produced, one at a time, to archival standards.

Gold & Silver Ketubahs

Gold & Silver

Our illuminator skillfully applies leaves of 23K gold or metallic silver to the desired design elements. The dazzling materials are then delicately brushed and pressed to perfection.

Exclusive Canvas Ketubahs


We are incredibly proud to offer our own exclusive line of Ketubah designs, produced in house and available on canvas. The canvas ketubahs have more texture and shine than ketubahs printed on paper and give off the look of an original oil painting!

Giclée print Ketubahs

Giclée Prints

Our giclée print ketubah collection offers the largest selection of limited-edition ketubahs available anywhere, so you can find a ketubah that will suit you, your wedding and your traditions.

Do It Yourself Ketubahs

Do It Yourself

The DIY ketubahs allow the artist to paint freely while saving them the pressure of doing calligraphy or worrying about the accuracy of the text.

Layered Ketubah collection


These Ketubahs will amaze you in person as they lift right off the page, literally. Cut with precision for a beautiful effect, each print is created to bring you the highest quality, multidimensional ketubah.

Historical Ketubahs

Historical Museum

Collaborating with The National Library of Israel and The Jewish Museum, this line of ketubahs was created to bring you authorized reproductions of designs culled from both museums’ permanent collections.

Japanese Washi Paper Ketubahs

Japanese Washi Paper

The delicate Japanese Washi paper is embedded with silk threads, giving it an authentic oriental quality and style.

We Have the Text
You’re Looking For

Ketubah text options have evolved significantly over the last century. In addition to the traditional Aramaic text, we provide modern Hebrew and English options to suit every need.

  • Reform/Egalitarian
  • Conservative/Lieberman
  • LGBTQ+
  • Canadian Reform
  • Anniversary
  • Interfaith
  • RCA Orthodox
  • Secular Humanist
  • Sephardic
How to buy a Ketubah online

How to Buy a Ketubah

You don’t have to be an expert to create the ketubah of your dreams. With our handy guide and helpful staff, it just takes a few steps.

Why Ketubah.com

Why Ketubah.com?

Ketubah.com hosts the largest exclusive collection of ketubahs online. We pride ourselves on our unmatched customer service and satisfaction guarantee.

Ketubah.com logo

Established in 1996

In the Spring of 1996, from Michael Shapiro’s small Toronto apartment, Ketubah Ketubah was born – the first online Ketubah specialty store.


Ketubah Designs Available

We work with so many different artists, allowing for a wide range of style options and production methods, all of which are unique to Ketubah.com.


Ketubahs Sold

Ask our couples and they will tell you that we can help make a seemingly daunting task be easy and smooth.


Possible Ketubah Variations

From luxe designs to stretched canvas and giclee prints in every theme, size, and color, we are sure to have the perfect ketubah for you.

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