Easy-To-Order Jewish Wedding Essentials

You can order the three must-have items for a Jewish wedding all in one box. Alternatively, if you are buying an individual product simply select a color or style (if applicable) and add the item to your cart. It’s that simple!


Choose the Essential, Premium or Exclusive Box that fits your budget and style.


Once on the details page, select a breaking glass color and a chuppah (tallit) size or style and add the box to your cart.

Learn everything you need to know about our Jewish Wedding in a Box.

Understand what each box has to offer and discover the offering that perfectly matches your special day. In testing times, our Jewish Wedding Shop makes it easy for you to prepare for your wedding at home in an intimate setting or at a social distanced venue. It also allows flexibility to plan ahead for 2021!

Ordering Tips

Wedding Boxes

When choosing a size for one of our Wedding Boxes, the dimensions shown are for the Chuppah. The Chuppah does not come with poles or strings to attach it.

Breaking Glass Color

The color option shown refers to the Breaking Glass color.

Breaking Glass Keepsake

If you’re ordering a Breaking Glass Keepsake, please note that we will send you a pre-addressed envelope so you can send us the broken glass, after your wedding. We’ll then have your Keepsake prepared and shipped to you.

Breaking Glass Mezuzah

The Breaking Glass Mezuzah can be filled manually after the wedding. There is no need to ship it back to be done.

Frequently Asked Questions

After your wedding, send us the broken glass in the pre-addressed envelope, which we will send to you with your order. Once we receive it, we’ll prepare the Keepsake and ship it to you. This process can take 2-4 weeks.

Different people have different customs, but it is often traditional for a couple to stand under a Tallit which serves as the Chuppah at their wedding ceremony. A Tallit is also often used to rest on the shoulders of the couple during the wedding ceremony.

The Fabric Chuppah specifically acts as a canopy for the couple to stand under during the wedding ceremony. There are holes for you to hang it or stand it up with poles. The Tallit Chuppah is an actual Tallit, so it can also serve as a traditional prayer shawl for use after the wedding.

No – The Jewish Wedding in a box serves as a complimentary item to your Ketubah. We wanted to allow more freedom for couples to choose whichever Ketubah design they wanted along with their Jewish Wedding Shop items.

Breaking the glass is meant to commemorate the destruction of the Temple. Doing so during the wedding is the traditional way of showing reverence and remembrance for the Temple while simultaneously marking the moment you begin your new lives together.

The Chuppah represents a Jewish home symbolized by the cloth canopy held above the couple. Just as Abraham’s tent was open on all four sides, so too is your Chuppah, ushering an era of hospitality and openness into your new home. Since many people don’t wear a Tallit until they get married, the Tallit used as your Chuppah takes on extra significance.

The three boxes we offer (Essential box, Premium Box and Exclusive box) differ in the number of items included and, in some cases, the items themselves are different (eg. a different Wine Goblet, or a different Chuppah).

There is a section behind the glass where you can insert the broken glass pieces.

No. This piece does not come with the scroll.

Shipping times are as follows: ground 5-7 business days and rush 1-2 business days. Please note, this time is after production of the ketubah is completed and does not take into account any potential delays with UPS or FedEx operations. International shipping is usually 7-10 business days (but might be longer due to customs).

Yes. After the items are shipped to you, we will email you the UPS or FedEx tracking information.

No. The Boxes come as a set collection and individual items cannot be swapped. Some Boxes give you a choice for the style of Tallit or size of the Chuppah. However, the items are sold individually if you wish to purchase them on their own.

Policy on returning items

We will accept returns of your item which you are not completely happy with provided that you contact us within 1 month of the date of the shipment confirmation and provided it is returned to us in the same condition as when you received it. Any product which is returned to us damaged or which is not returned to us in the same condition as when you received it will not be accepted for refund.