Regardless of the type of text, in order to ensure smooth sailing on your wedding day, it is a really good idea to run the chosen text by your Rabbi or wedding officiant.

After being fairly consistent for about 200 years, Ketubah text options have evolved significantly since the latter part of the last century. Today, in addition to the traditional Aramaic text, there are a number of modern Hebrew and English options.

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Types of Texts

RCA Orthodox

Traditional Aramaic / English

The RCA Orthodox text is a Jewish legal document written for the bride’s protection. In it, the groom undertakes certain financial obligations to ensure that his wife will be taken care of in the event that their marriage is dissolved. The text is written in Aramaic, a Semitic language closely related to Hebrew. Some Orthodox Ketubot are also available with an English section. The accompanying English texts are not a direct translation of the Aramaic, but a poetic rendering.

Conservative with
Lieberman clause

Traditional Aramaic / English

The Conservative Lieberman text is similar to the Orthodox text and thus is written in Aramaic. However, all Conservative texts include an additional provision called the Lieberman Clause. The Lieberman Clause is a codicil that was introduced by the Conservative movement as an added protection for women entering marriage. This clause states that the husband cannot withhold a Get (Jewish divorce) if the marriage were to end. The accompanying English texts are not a direct translation of the Aramaic, but a poetic rendering.

Canadian Reform

Modern Hebrew / English

Canadian Reform texts are written in modern Hebrew and English with the English being an exact translation of the Hebrew.  It is a text that is required by many Reform rabbis in the Toronto area.


Modern Hebrew / English

Although some of our Interfaith texts are English only, most include a Hebrew introduction. The Interfaith texts make fewer references to the Jewish tradition and are suitable for interfaith marriages.


Modern Hebrew / English

Reform/Egalitarian texts are written in modern Hebrew and English. In all cases, the English text is an exact translation of the Hebrew and there is always Jewish content with in the text.


Modern Hebrew / English

LGBTQ+ texts are written in modern Hebrew and English. In all cases, the English text is an exact translation of the Hebrew.

Secular Humanistic

Hebrew / English

The Secular Humanistic text is required by the Association of Humanistic Rabbis and the Leadership Conference of Secular and Humanistic Jews. The Hebrew is a direct translation of the English text. Both texts are suitable for an interfaith marriage.



The Sephardic text is preferred by most wedding officiants who are affiliated with the Sephardic movement. Those who belong to the Sephardic movement follow the customs of Spanish and Mediterranean Jewry. This text is based on wording from the Talmud Yerushalmi and is thus written entirely in Aramaic. The text does not include an English section. Please note, the needed text may vary from Sephardic community to Sephardic community.

English Only


Our English only text options appeal to those couples that do not want any Hebrew text on their Ketubah.

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Are you looking for a papercut ketubah? Perhaps its a historical museum design or a textured letterpress that you are looking for. With our collection of 600+ designs it may feel daunting to go through them all. We are here to help you narrow down your options by browsing by category, color or even theme.

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There are many different text options for your ketubah depending on the type of ceremony you will be having. Our Browse by Rabbi tool makes it easy for you to look up the name of your officiant and see what his/her preferences are regarding text or even concerning details within the text itself.

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Our Font Designer, Patty

We have licensed a beautiful Ketubah font by accomplished Ketubah artist Patty Leve. For years Patty has hand-written Ketubahs with an exquisite calligraphy that she developed. Her calligraphy was created specifically for the tradition of Ketubah design. Now she has made her calligraphic alphabet into a font in both Hebrew and English. Because both language fonts are designed by the same artist, they complement each other perfectly. These fonts add a layer of beauty and artistry to any Ketubah. We are proud to use Patty Leve’s fonts for our Ketubahs.

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Once you’ve purchased your Ketubah, browse available texts by either category or Rabbi and select the option you’d like to add to your order.

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