Same-Sex Wedding Trends

Celebrating pride and weddings in style

By Janet Morais

Rachel & Tabia’s Reflections Ketubah signing. Photo by Banga Studios

Wedding planning for same sex couples is not very different than planning a wedding between a man and woman. The differences however, can be in the details. With a huge amount of creative freedom, you can choose what to incorporate and what to eliminate from a traditional wedding, so planning a same sex wedding can be exciting, as you can truly make your day your own.

As Cathy O’Connell from her into blog at explains…”LGBTQ+ weddings are similar to traditional weddings, and at the same time they are very different. The similarities are based in love – two people who come together to share a commitment to join their lives together with family and friends.  But after that the similarities can diverge. There are no rules for anything that comes after love in a LGBTQ+ wedding and slogging through the options can be daunting!”

From the proposal to the honeymoon, LBGTQ+ couples are navigating their wedding planning and creating their take on trends, catered to their special day.

Some couples might find it overwhelming and confusing with all the decisions having to be made. Who proposes to who? Who should walk down the aisle first? Do we want to be “given away”? What roles do family members have? Do we want a wedding party? There are loads of ideas for new same-sex wedding traditions that you can incorporate and ways to use elements from traditional weddings to structure your day, but still make it feel personal and right for you.

Whether you are planning to marry in a backyard, a synagogue, event hall, hotel or beach destination, here are a few fantastic links with tips for how you can shake up the rules and traditions for a LBGTQ+ wedding.–c47

Kyle and Ben with their Loving Connections Ketubah at their ceremony in San Diego

When it comes to Jewish wedding traditions and same sex weddings, the same rules apply – anything goes. Take a look at this couple talking about their wedding experience and how they created something special just for them.

If you would like to incorporate a presence of Pride into your Jewish wedding Ceremony, shares the following twists on these Jewish wedding traditions.

Breaking glass

In breaking the glass we give space under our canopy to the fragments and imperfections in our world out of a desire to generalize them within the perfection of our love. At this moment it is possible to mention the discrimination and inequality towards the proud community that still exists in the world in general and in Israel in particular. Respect can also be paid to all people who are currently struggling in the name of same-sex love, and against homophobia, racism and oppression.

The Chuppah

​The chuppah (jewish wedding canopy) is a symbol of the house you are building together. It can be white and pure, but can also be decorated with the colors of pride. If you choose a held canopy – your choice of those who will hold it and those who will stand under it will reflect your social environment and the support you receive. 

A welcome offer for a proud wedding

​Whoever blessed our ancestors Abraham Isaac and Jacob and our mothers Sarah, Rebekah, Rachel, Leah, Bilhah and Zilpah will bless ___________ and __________, who are about to get married. Who will give and build a Jewish home full of love and partnership, friendship and peace. Help them to be modest in their demands on each other, but generous in their love for each other. Whoever gives and the house they build will be committed to Torah, world repair, and good deeds. Who will give and bless with good health and security, and who will give and the Divine will dwell among them in their love.

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Nicole and Kodi’s Cycles of Life Papercut Ketubah signing. Photography by Captivating Collective

When choosing a Ketubah text for LBGTQ+ couples, has you covered. We have a choice of five different texts that you can choose from and our amazing customer service team can help you choose which design and text is best for you.

When it comes to Ketubah art, the options are endless at There are hundreds to choose from that can best suit your style and taste. Want something even more personal? Create your own artwork with our DIY options. Have an artist you love, a friend or family member you know design the artwork around the LGBTQ+ texts available on our website. Or you can order a digital DIY to add graphics and print it yourself.

Overwhelmed with too many choices? Here are some of the most popular Ketubahs ordered by our wonderful LGBTQ+ couples.

Layers of Us Gray – Metallic

Art by Shell Rummel

A labor of love, this richly layered design originated as a hand painted watercolor which took Shell Rummel months to complete in her design studio.  There is a meditative quality to this work of art and with it,  a graceful reminder to be gentle, kind and soft as you flow along with all of life’s challenges and beautiful moments to come.

Adventure of a Lifetime II

Art by Shell Rummel

Shell Rummel is a prolific painter/designer and her designs span many different styles and mediums. Fitting, that her Adventure of a Lifetime Ketubah was born from grand experimentation with watercolors and alcohol inks! This design symbolically depicts the raw beauty, the expansiveness and the gorgeous colors you will bring to your new life together.

Tree of Life Metallic Papercut

Art by Nava Shoham

Deep in the intertwined roots of our unity, our hearts will grow stronger together. The branches endure the strength of our love and will guide us through the passages of life; nourished with a vast amount of energy that will light and color the seasons. Sealed in our roots lay the infinite love and light, the purity of nature. “I Have Found The One Whom My Soul Loves.”

Ebb and Flow

Art by Robert Saslow

The swirls and waves in this Ketubah evoke the ebb and flow of water, which has been associated with emotion in many time periods and in many cultures around the globe. Like two streams converging, two individuals in love join in a beautiful rush, which travels through life, whirling and surging around the joys and obstacles it encounters as one unified body.

Four Seasons – Layered

Art by Jessica Kraft

Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall trees shimmer with exuberant color in this design which will brighten up any space as a remembrance of your eternal union.

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Patrice and Emma. Photography by Fun Lovin Camera