Framing and Displaying Your Ketubah

Infinity of Love Ketubah by Shell Rummel | Image Posted by @themelfeldman

Your wedding has ended and you’ve got the beautiful ketubah which represents you and your beloved perfectly. Mazel tov! It’s a beautiful document and a powerful symbol of the lasting declaration of your love and commitment as a married couple.

Your next step should be getting your ketubah framed, and after that, finding an ideal spot for it in your home.

Framing your Ketubah

Mara and Jared’s My Beloved is Mine ketubah

The sooner you frame it, the better! Once it’s behind glass and professionally framed, the longevity of your ketubah is ensured and it is protected from smudging, stains, dust, and damage.

Using fade-resistant ink is critical when you sign your ketubah, fortunately for you we ship ours with a fade-resistant ink pen, so you’re covered! We also send a paper sample of what your ketubah is made of so you can practice your signature.

It’s always better to get your ketubah framed sooner rather than later. It’s just not the same when it’s rolled up in a tube, or it could get misplaced. In Orthodox Judaism, if a couple doesn’t know where their ketubah is, they can’t be alone together!

Displaying your Ketubah

Photography: L Parker Photography.  Submitted by the bride, Rebecca |
Ketubah: Hamsa Papercut – Navy Blue ketubah

Once you’ve framed your ketubah and it’s looking its best, the next big question is where in your home you’ll display it. As this comes down to the preference of each couple, and each person, this may take some discussion to find a spot you both like.

We ran a poll on Instagram to find out what everyone’s preference was. 71% voted that they had their ketubah in the living room, and 29% voted that their ketubah was in the bedroom. Clearly the living room is most popular, but there’s different schools of thought about where to hang it.

Those who hang their ketubah in the living room are publicly affirming their love, and it does make a great conversation piece! Meanwhile, those who keep the ketubah in the more private space of the bedroom are keeping it for their and their beloved’s eyes—nothing wrong with that either!

The dining room is another great option. Having your ketubah illuminated by gentle candlelight on a Friday evening, is a reminder of the home you’ve built together, your faith, and your promises to each other.

Wherever you hang it, surrounding it with other cherished photos and artwork is a great way to decorate while giving the ketubah the place of honor. Making a gallery draws attention to the ketubah and elevates its presence.

Yours to Cherish

Image: @shira.unt‘s framed Four Seasons ketubah

However you frame it, and wherever you display it, your ketubah will remain a powerful inspiration and beautiful work of art, taking you back to your happy day and reminding you of the power of love and commitment. It’s the center of your home in many ways, and can cheer you up on bad days and keep you focused on what really matters, so it’s worth the time and trouble to get it framed beautifully, and placed perfectly.

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