Introducing our Jewish Wedding Shop

Our Wedding in a Box offers all of your wedding essentials.

We’ve always been working to be the fastest and easiest place to get a beautiful ketubah. So why not expand what we offer? Lately, we have seen and heard so many stories about last minute weddings, hectic rescheduling, and re-planning, that we decided we’d introduce a shop to make your wedding easier to organize and ensure none of the essentials are missing.

The Jewish Wedding Shop is the newest addition to our site, and we’re excited to show it off! If you’re a regular on our site, you may have seen it already. The shop has what you need; whether you want to cover all your bases, or get that final piece.

Weddings in a Box

Premuim Wedding in a Box

To streamline preparations for your happy day, we created the Wedding in a Box! It can be hard to find that last element in your wedding ceremony, especially with shortages and rescheduling. So we created three tiers of this box to offer last minute essentials, or to give as a meaningful gift.

The Essential Box contains the necessary things such as your breaking glass, a basic chuppah available in two sizes, and a beautiful standard wine goblet with a silvery metallic finish. This box covers the blessing over the wine, the breaking of the glass, and provides a linen-like fabric chuppah to complete the ceremony.

Our Premium Box contains the necessary elements as well as some nice extras. It contains a large wool Tallit chuppah with a choice of white or black stripes, a breaking glass, a standard wine goblet, and a mezuzah from the Gary Rosenthal collection. The mezuzah is inscribed with Ani L’Dodi, and has a small space to put shards of the breaking glass, so you’re reminded of your happy day each time you cross your home’s threshold.

Our Exclusive Box is the best of the best, but also covers the needs of your wedding ceremony. It contains a large wool Tallit chuppah with choice of white or black stripes, a breaking glass, a premium wine goblet with metal detailing, and a Breaking Glass Keepsake.

The Breaking Glass Keepsake starts as a special breaking glass and pre-addressed envelope that couples can put shards into and send to us. We then assemble them in lucite with optional inscription—it’s a wonderful keepsake and great on display near your ketubah!

Covering Your Bases

Photography: Koby Brown | Chuppah by @plantsnpetals

In our Jewish Wedding Shop, you can find any of the items from the boxes singly. If you want a basic or premium goblet, chuppah in any size or fabric, or even the keepsake mezuzah or breaking glass cube, they’re all available. You can mix or match or get just what you need. To make things even easier, we have created a dedicated “How to order” page which guides you through Wedding in a Box checkout process and answer some of your FAQ’s.

Whether you need a final element for your wedding or a delightful and useful gift for someone else who’s about to be married, the new Jewish Wedding Shop is the best place to start looking. Our world may be uncertain right now, but our weddings don’t need to be!

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