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Discover over 500 museum quality fine art ketubahs and texts for your Jewish Wedding from the world’s leading ketubah provider.

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Love Papercut Luxe Ketubah Store by Enya Keshet

Love Papercut Luxe

Enya Keshet
3 Colors

From $750

Love Period

Baruch Sienna
1 Color

From $325

Spectrum Ketubah Marriage Contracts by Ruth Mergi


Rush Becker
1 Color

From $200

How to Buy a Ketubah

Most people are not ketubah experts, but you don’t have to be. We make it easy for you – It just takes a few simple steps to creating the ketubah of your dreams.

Browse through hundreds of beautiful designs, select the size you want, and choose if you want your names pre-printed in the text. You’re then well on your way to having the perfect ketubah for your wedding.

The best place to see ketubahs in New York City

The Jewish Museum, New York City

Our customers often inquire where they can see our ketubahs in person. In New York, it’s possible!

If you’re looking for some inspiration, visit the Jewish Museum Design Shop and discover a unique collection of ketubahs that are sure to amaze. View custom and handmade ketubahs with beautiful designs and a rich history at this quaint Judaica store in NYC.

The Heart of NYC

Next to The Jewish Museum on 92nd Street at 5th Avenue, sits this prestigious store. Uncover original works from around the world that date as far back as the 1600’s and unearth the long tradition behind signing the ketubah.

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New York, New York, 1899 By The Jewish Museum

Jewish prenuptial gets an artsy update:

The modern ketubah encompasses tradition while illuminating newlyweds specific tastes and characters. It’s also now considered as décor and an integral part of the Jewish home.

The New York Times recently published a fantastic article on the ketubah and how it has evolved over the years. You may notice a shout out to while reading the article, we’re honored to receive acclaim from the most recognized newspaper with worldwide influence and readership.

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Girl With No Job Ties The Knot

“I have to thank! It was a really great process and I want everyone to know about it.”

– Claudia Oshry, NY

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