The Midweek Wedding

Adjusting to the new reality has certainly been a bit chaotic for weddings. We’ve seen weddings postponed, cancelled, and especially rescheduled. We’ve noticed an interesting trend where couples are increasingly choosing to have weddings on weekdays.

Given the current circumstances, a midweek wedding provides quite a few advantages and freedoms. This is probably why more and more couples worldwide have chosen weekday weddings, as the pandemic continues.

Any Given Weekday

Huppah From Bride Michelle’s Wedding

What are the advantages of wedding Monday to Thursday?

It’s late summer already, and the number of days suitable for socially-distanced outdoor weddings are dwindling. Weekends will be booked quickly, but weekdays have traditionally been more open, so if you’re thinking about a safe outdoor wedding, sooner is better, and midweek is best.

Once that last gorgeous day ends, indoor weddings are all we’ll have in the Northern Hemisphere. Since we’ll be socially distancing inside and inviting fewer people, we won’t need large venues—but even small venues get booked quickly in this era where private events are safer, so you’ll have a much greater selection open to you on weekdays.

It can be considerate to have your wedding on a weekday. As there’s only so many weekends left, and plenty of holidays and Holy Days, many people will already have commitments and plans. During the week, it’s a different story and there’s a greater chance you won’t be imposing on plans.

Generally, a weekday wedding might limit length of celebrations, but opens up plenty of options in terms of location and timing.

In Judaism

Planning a Jewish wedding can be difficult. Depending on how observant we are, there’s certain dates and sometimes entire weeks which cannot be used due to the obligations of feasts, fasts, or Holy Days.

Weekday weddings make plenty of sense as any day Monday to Thursday won’t impact the observation of the Sabbath or crowd an already busy weekend.

It’s often been said that Tuesdays are especially fortunate days to be married, due to the specific wording in Creation in the Torah, where G-d says it is good twice. However, strong marriages are built on commitment to each other, ability to communicate, and love—so there’s no reason to aim for Tuesday unless it’s convenient or you’re feeling mystical.

Sentimental Dates

Some couples choose to marry midweek as it resembles a special date in their lives. The first time they met, first kiss or the first time they knew they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with one another. These midweek ceremonies are common and add something a little special to an already miraculous day – just ask one of our happy customers…

“We got married on our 4th anniversary of our first date in my parents backyard. We chose the date not the day of the week… We chose our wedding date and location several months before we ever heard of COVID.”

A host of our happy couples have enjoyed weekly weddings also. Bride Deena shed light on her special date.

“We got married on a Thursday which wasn’t completely for COVID reasons… It made it much smaller than it would have been and made it really warm, loving and the closest family and friends around us. We could really feel that love.”

Here For You

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