Get Creative with Rosh Hashanah

Shofars around the world are being dusted off right now, and year 5781 is around the corner. The pandemic means we can’t usher in the new year quite like we’re used to, but it doesn’t mean we can’t make it a memorable one.

We can still make this Rosh Hashanah sweet, with those in our social bubbles, and make it sweeter still with some cool holiday accessorizing! We’ve window shopped to find you some of the neatest stuff around, to make your new year brighter or to make someone else’s a little more special.

Holiday Haul

Honey Pot from Peace Love Light

Holidays and a good loaf of challah go together like a good loaf of challah and a beautiful challah cover! Peace Love Light has lots of wonderful challah covers, including classic and modern styles—the Rosh Hashanah is unfortunately sold out for now, but there’s plenty of other options

NeshamaJudaica also has an amazing selection of handmade, unique, and beautiful challah covers that are ideal for Rosh Hashanah and other holidays. 

Rosh Hashanah in a Box

Browsing ModernTribe’s massive selection, we were struck by the wonderful Rosh Hashanah in a Box, great for bringing the kids together with activities, a guide to customs, and a really cool version of Tashlich that can be done without leaving your home. 

Jewish Holiday Calendar 5781

The Jewish Holiday Calendar, also available on ModernTribe, is a beautiful piece for the home or as a gift, and perfect for getting everyone in the family ready for the most important days of the year 5781.

Simanim from Yaeli Vogel

The artist Yaeli Vogel has crafted splendid simanim cards for Rosh Hashanah. Safely surrounded by lucite, the artwork won’t get stained by accident and the cards are easy to clean. More creative designs from Yaeli, why not decorate your sukkah with these stunning artworks.

Artworks for your Sukkah from Yaeli

Rosh Hashanah Ketubahs

Pomegranates Papercut By Angela Munitz

We looked through the collection to see which of our ketubahs were fitting reflections of Rosh Hashanah. We do not want to give too much away as we have an upcoming blog which will delve deeper into our Jewish Holiday themed ketubahs but here is a little taste of what’s to come. 

The Mosaic of Jewish Tradition is a natural fit, with depictions of challah, a shofar, and a pomegranate, one of the Seven Species and certainly symbolic in Rosh Hashanah. Similarly, Pomegranate Papercuts depicts the most spectacular of the Seven Species in a gorgeous and intricate way. Finally, we have the detailed Lisbon Page Papercut, with symbols, letterpress elements, and verses from Song of Songs.

A Happy and Fortunate New Year

As we reflect on the year we’ve had, and think about our hopes going forward, this may be a more sombre Rosh Hashanah. It won’t have to be quite as lonely or stressful as Pesach since we can congregate in slightly larger numbers with some more freedom, and even return to the synagogue (or outside of it) for prayers.

If there’s one thing window shopping taught us, it’s that we have many options to get the holiday mood right. Whether gifting friends or family, or adding something to your own observance, we can celebrate Rosh Hashanah properly, if not in the way we know best.

Shanah tovah!

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